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Here is the latest:

A suspect is dead and at least nine injured about an hour after an active shooter situation was reported at Ohio State University. It’s unclear if there are more suspects at large.

Meanwhile, the shelter in place at the university has been lifted and the area has been declared secure.

Firefighters say at least nine people have been transported after the active shooter was reported on the Ohio State campus.  A report by the Associated Press says two of the people transported are in stable condition. There are no details on the other five victims.

The first reports of gunshots came from Watts Hall near 19th and College. According to the school’s website, the building is home to the Materials Science and Engineering program.

Since then though, the focus of law enforcement presence on the campus is on a nearby parking garage, where the shooter or shooters are believed to be hiding.

Since then though, the focus of law enforcement presence on the campus has been on a nearby parking garage, where the shooter or shooters were believed to be hiding.

Police stormed the garage just before 11am and minutes later they confirmed that one suspect was dead. Two men, one black and one white, were also brought out of the building in handcuffs.

So far, at least nine people have been transported to the hospital. One is in critical condition and the rest are in stable condition.

A high-ranking faculty member who spoke to NBC 4 Columbus said that one of his colleagues was in Watts Hall at the time and was slashed in the leg with a machete.

Another student told the station that his girlfriend was in the building when gunshots rang out, and that she sought shelter in a bathroom.

There was also a report that several students were hit by a car outside the building, which may or may not have been driven by the shooter.

Earlier, an alert was issued for an active shooter on Ohio State University’s Campus, Monday morning. Ohio State University Police sent the alert at about 9:56am.

The alert said, “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

A following alert told students to “continue to shelter in place. Wait for Police officers directions. Please contact Police / 9-1-1 only if you have information.”

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Live streams:

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Update 4: According to Twitter reports, one OhioState professor tells @nbc4 a colleague was slashed with a machete on the OSU campus in Watts Hall. Additionally

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Update 3: The FBI is now on the scene of the incident:

Meanwhile ABC’s Mike Levine reports that law enforcement sources are urging parents and others NOT to call anyone they believe may be on OSU campus, text instead.

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Update 2: The Columbus Fire Department adds that seven have been taken to hospitals from Ohio State University. AP adds that 2 are stable, but there are no details on the other 5.

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Update 1 : There are 2 suspects (1 is down, 1 at large) and 4 people have reportedly been shot.

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Ohio State police issued an alert at 0956ET of an active shooter on Ohio State Campus calling for a “shelter in place” order. According to one student, the shooting started in the neighboring Macquigg Laboratory. Another student tweeted out that the police “tackled” the suspect and surrounded him outside, but the report has not been officially confirmed.

Ohio State University emergency management had further suggestions…

And Middletown police chief added…

Scary scenes once again…

Images emerge on social media suggesting a body in the street…

Live Periscope feed….

According to one report, Ohio law states that no firearms are allowed on campus unless the owner has a concealed-carry license and leaves the gun locked in a vehicle.

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