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(INTELLIHUB) — When confronted with talk of advanced technologies and weapon systems, it is amazing how quickly people with no concept of technological progression resort to “tinfoil hat” comments in a laughing and often disdainful fashion. But the real question should be; is there any truth to what those “crazy tin-foil hatters” are claiming? Mind-beams, mind-control, ray guns, and crazy allusions to “Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS)?”

Many Readers may say these assertions sound like delusional ramblings or the like the plot of a B-grade science-fiction movie; but is there any truth to these seemingly far-fetched conjectures?

Is it possible that these “tin-foil hatters” are the “round-earthers” of the 1300s who were considered to be “mad-as-hatters” versus “tin-foil hatters?”

It is important to remember that the U.S. Government is easily 20 to 30 years in advance of what the public is aware of, technologically-speaking.

Did you know that U.S.A.F. fighter pilots have been using thought-operated weapons systems for two decades or more?

When a university, group, or individual announces a new patent or the beta-testing of a technology and it has value to the defense industry there is a good chance that it has already been around for at least two decades and is being revealed to the public through a controlled leak, a new toy, or a techie article.

In 2015, the U.S. Navy announced that they had “recently” developed a laser-based weapons system which could “disable a boat motor” from several kilometers away. What they failed to announce was that in the 1970s the U.S. Military was already blasting space junk and satellites from atolls in the Pacific Ocean with laser-based weapons.

While the public has heard a lot about drones being used in the Middle East, the U.S. Military used them in Viet Nam as well. So with the revelation of laser-technology and drone-use, we see a three to four decade lag-time of information release and even after that lag-time the technological capacities are greatly downplayed since the general public does not have the “need-to-know.”

Here is a 2007 publication which references a patent for 1970s technology, a mind-controlled weapons systems under development by a team at Duke University:

Duke Patients Mind-Controlled Weapons — Wired

There are also toys (yes, toys) on the market, which are thought-controlled by the user’s brainwaves.

The Helicopter That Reads Your Brainwaves — Fast Coexist

Now here is food “for thought:” If there are devices (and toys) available to the public, which can be worn physically, which can intercept or scan brainwave patterns, translate them, and process them in order to create signals, is it a far stretch to assume that the government may have the technology to pull off the same feat remotely, without a headset, or some type of physical contact?

The thought-controlled toy helicopter is available to the public. So what is the chance that this technology “leaked” out to the general public, toys were made based on the leaked technology, and wasn’t in the hands of the government for decades – or even longer? You should know the answer to that question already.

In the 1960s a scientist named Delgado proved that it was possible to stop a charging bull in its tracks via radio waves. He implanted a device (electrodes) in the bull’s brain, affixed an antenna to the implant and was able to modify the bull’s thought processes through the transmission of a radio signal, which resulted in subtle electrical stimulations.

Here is a link to a YouTube video about the 1965 experiment (that’s right – 1965), reported in a 1985 CNN documentary:

News of that experiment was released to the public in 1965, and there is a significant lag-time between the technology the government has in its possession and is capable of deploying and what the public is aware of. If the results of the Delgado Bull experiment were made available to the public in 1965, how much technological capability did the government really have which the public was not made aware of at that time?

In the 1980s remote controlled cars had large whip antennas and the hand-held remotes which controlled them also had large telescoping antennas. As mentioned earlier in this article toys today can be controlled remotely by brainwave patterns and the vehicles are lacking their once-conspicuous whip antennas.

So once again, what does the government have in its secret arsenal that the general public is not aware of? Could they possibly control large sectors of the population through microwave and radio-wave emissions, without the need for whip antennas, or is that the realm of science-fiction movies and the “crazed” tin-foil hat crowd?

A Google search for the “Moscow Signal,” reveals that in 1953, the Russians started beaming microwaves at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. In response the CIA began a secret research project called “Pandora.” The Pandora Project studied the effect of microwave radiation on the central nervous system (CNS) and quickly came to the conclusion that exposure to this type of radiation resulted in adverse effects on the nervous system of the targeted individuals, who in this case were diplomats.

The embassy personnel began to suffer emotionally, physically, physiologically, and psychologically from the microwave “shower” they were standing in on a daily basis. They suffered from stress, fatigue, decreasing work productivity — due to something referred to as cognitive impairment, a lower white blood cell count, an increase in illnesses, a lowering of their immune system response capability, and a higher incidence of various types of cancers later in life.

Now the Russians were fixated on remotely disabling or hampering the operational functionality of the embassy staff, by beaming them with microwaves in the 17 Hz range. But subsequent to the Moscow Signal incident and the Pandora Project, scientists discovered that various waves and combinations of wave types elicit different responses in humans. It is possible to induce aggression, fear, sleepiness, arousal, anger, or feelings of flight or fight — remotely, through the transmission of various frequencies.

Here is a link to a Rense article by Tim Rifat which discusses the implementation of different types of wave transmissions to impact the behavior of the general population, as well as police and military which utilize certain types of two-way radio systems.

For those of you interested in researching the effects of certain radio frequencies and their impact on the behavior of law enforcement officers and military personnel, Google the “TETRA” Project. TETRA is the acronym for Terrestrial Trunked Radio, which uses frequencies that are powerful enough to have adverse effects on brainwave patterns, not normally observed with the usage of more traditional, non-TETRA, two-way radios.

So the next logical question is, would governments utilize this technology against the general population, in order to alter its mood, or “mind-control” them? Would you be surprised if I said that the answer was yes?

In a 2005 article titled Microwaving Iraq: “ Pacifying” Rays Pose New Hazards To Iraqis, author William Thomas discusses the deployment of “Poppers” or transmitters which broadcast various signals oft different bandwidths (ULF, VLF and UHF).

The effects these signals had on the targeted population varied. Some people became depressed, their productivity decreased and they experienced what Westerners refer to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In other individuals, it trigged violent and unpredictable behavior. Even U.S. troops working in the areas where “Poppers” were deployed, demonstrated higher incidents of going AWOL, binge-drinking and other behavioral anomalies.

The majority of this article has examined the impact of externally produced waves on thought patterns and behavior, versus mind-reading technology which even Spock would have been jealous of. And even Spock needed physical contact with his subject before commencing the “Vulcan Mind Meld.” But is it possible that remote interception of thoughts or brainwave patterns has evolved far beyond what the public assumes is possible? Strap on your tin-foil hats people! Once again, the answer is yes.

Now remember, when the government releases information on available technology, they are referencing beta-studies which occurred a decade or two before the dissemination of the information to the general public. In 2004, NASA announced that
“NASA scientists … [had begun] to computerize human, silent reading using nerve signals in the throat that control speech.” Here is the link to the original NASA publication:

In a nutshell, this means that interception of the thought-to-speech linkage was possible “via a small sensor,” in 2004, or at least that was when this information was released to the public. Since the transmission between the brain and vocal chords is not spoken, it is referred to as “sub-vocalization,” and could also be called “pre-vocalization,” since it is the step which precedes speech. So in 2004 NASA announced that they had developed what could be referred to as sub-vocalization or pre-vocalization interception and translation technology.

Now step back a second and remember that there are toys which can be controlled by a headset, weapons-systems which are controlled by thought patterns, and forward-looking infra-red systems which the military, law enforcement and fire departments utilize to passively and remotely view individuals which appear as dynamic and fluid images, thermally defined. These hand-held imaging devices can be bought on E-bay for as little as $1500, and have been around for at least two decades – to fire departments.

So, if one were to utilize a combination of this technology available to the general public (or a few tech-savvy 19 year-olds), for the past two decades, what could they come up with, or produce? What could be made from a combination of these “publicly-known” technologies? And remember, what the public has access to and is aware of is at least a generation or two behind what the government has in its arsenal.

The next time you drive down the street take a look at all of the antenna arrays affixed to “cell-phone” towers. Are all of them really needed to make sure that your call to Aunt Susie is clear and uninterrupted? Are all of those strange-looking antennas designated for cell phones? Final thought. I heard that Walmart has a spring sale coming up: 50% off on all rolls of aluminum foil….

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers.

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