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Oath Keepers Battle of Berkeley April 15 After Report

Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman discuss what went down last week on April 15 in Berkeley, CA and what we should expect next from the communist left.


Video Published on Apr 21, 2017

At the request of the event organizers from Liberty Revival Alliance, Oath Keepers sent current and retired police officers (most from California) as well as military veterans and patriotic citizens to help provide security for the April 15 free speech rally in MLK Jr. Park in Berkeley, CA. John Karriman served as our tactical team leader on the ground. Stewart Rhodes was also present. Also part of the combined force security element were California III% patriots and American Civil Defense (all outstanding professionals), as well as several biker groups. Then came a couple hundred patriots who showed up all geared up and ready to defend, including the Proud Boys, Kyle Chapman (Based Stick Man) and his followers, and MAGA hat wearing patriots, more bikers, and even more Three Percenters. It all added up to a bad day for Anti-fa and BAMN. A total epic FAIL for the bad guys, and a total epic victory for the good guys and for free speech.

Here, Stewart and John discuss the performance of the Berkeley PD and what grade John would give them for that day (they did better than last time, but not as good as they could have), the way in which Anti-fa was outmatched and outclassed, and how the speakers were able to speak, and the audience was able to listen without being attacked or even disturbed in any way.

Anti-fa failed to take the park, failed to shut down the event, and failed to even touch anyone within the audience or among the speakers within the defensive perimeter of the park. That is the real news the media is failing to report.

They discuss the duty of all “sheepdogs” to defend the innocent, and the need to unite the patriot warrior class (current serving and veteran cops, military, and other first responders along with patriot gun owners) to defend our communities.

And they discuss what we are likely to see from the communists and far-left “Lefty-Fa” after they lick their wounds, hit the bong, and do some navel gazing – hint: look to the 1970s history of the Weather Underground and related groups who resorted to bombs when they failed to trigger their mass revolution.

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