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Oath Keepers – A Sabot in the Machine to Stop Voter Fraud & Intimidation


Over the past four months, Oath Keepers from virtually every State have worked diligently to create new intelligence gathering and communications capabilities, including the new Oath Keepers Highway Recon Team (HRT). We have significantly improved our security protocols and connected our nationwide HAM radio operations into the secure communications network. We have completed this work in the nick of time as it has become apparent that the enemies of liberty have also been working overtime to disenfranchise millions of Americans in the upcoming general election.

Project Veritas and WikiLeaks

New information regarding the actions of one of the major political parties has surfaced that could place the legitimacy of the upcoming general election into doubt. Credible and specific information has been reported from various news organizations, investigative journalist and other sources, including Project Veritas and WikiLeaks.

While these reports are far too exhaustive to adequately cover in this article, a summary list of references has been provided below. The major initiatives of this rouge political party include:

  • Instigation of protests and violence directed at terrorizing citizens that are not aligned with the party’s agenda.
  • Conducting voter fraud operations on an industrial scale to ensure the party’s victory and disenfranchise millions of Americans.
  • Planning and executing voter intimidation tactics for use at the polls on November 8th.

Oath Keepers have a responsibility to ensure the free and fair election process is not stolen from the citizens of the United States of America. To this end, our significant capabilities in conducting covert operations can and should be leveraged to counter actions of any political party that attempts to disenfranchise the citizens of our nation.

Teleconferences and planning sessions with state chapter leadership have been conducted to review strategies, legal limitations and protocols for the conduct of covert operations designed to provide reports and actionable information to local law enforcement agencies. Specific goals, objectives and instructions have been provided to State chapter leaders and several of our most seasoned operators.  A call to action will be forthcoming.

Vote by Mail Fraud

Over the past month, local news stations in numerous states have reported mail-in ballot voter fraud investigations being launched. Vulnerabilities in the mail-in ballot processes have been exploited and while these investigations are ongoing, a number of similarities between the reported cases have been revealed.  Many states allow mail-in applications to be received as late as November 1, giving county election officials little or no time to validate the application, voter registration status or current address.  Many states do not even challenge a mail in voter application received from an out-of-state address or challenge a request to mail a ballot to an out-of-state address. Many states allow mail-in ballots to be mailed to an address other than the voter’s registered address.

Nearly all states that provide mail-in voting perform no verification of the completed mail-in ballots received. With these vulnerabilities, it is easy to see how these systems can be abused.  Fortunately, many of our members have supported strict voter ID laws, are politically active and have been working independently in their states to help identify, educate and demand investigations into mail-in voter fraud.

Travelling Repeat Voters

From reviewing the Project Veritas videos and additional reports regarding personnel being transported to locations to cast repeated votes, a pattern has emerged. This pattern identifies common organizations involved in these fraudulent activities and has allowed us to understand not only the transportation methods, but the actual routes and many of the polling stations involved.

A primary organization responsible for the voter fraud activities is Americans United For Change.  They are a successor to ACORN and maintain close ties with the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) and the Teamsters Union. When ACORN was shut down in 2010, there were a myriad of chapters that just kept on working under a different name. These chapters have historically relied on the George Soros Tides Foundation for funding. In general, they operate as legal independent entities, but they appear for the most part to still rely on the SEIU and the Teamsters for support.  A detailed review of the renamed ACORN chapter locations turned up a Teamsters or an SEIU local office as either their business address, a neighbor building or an office in the immediate vicinity. The renamed ACORN affiliates are located primarily in major metropolitan cities and industrial areas.  The Project Veritas videos detail the guidance received from the rouge political party and the rouge party’s presidential candidate’s campaign.  This information is being disseminated through our secure intelligence network and is supported by the eyes and ears of our members, associates and trucking partners.

Many patriot organizations have indicated that they will be posting lookouts with video recording equipment to track group departures, vehicle transfers and arrivals at various polling stations. Video evidence gathered can be particularly effective in assisting local law enforcement personnel and provide the evidence required to ensure criminal complaints are filed.

Voting Machine Fraud

We have all seen the reports regarding the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines. The easiest way to guard against widespread fraud is to ensure each voter gets a receipt for the votes cast and compare that receipt to their actual selections. There are a significant number of states that use electronic voting machines that do not provide receipts. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia (all battleground states) do not generally allow voters to obtain a receipt from the voting machines.

In areas where receipts are available, providing guidance to your fellow citizens to assist them in the process of obtaining and comparing the receipt, as well as the process for reporting irregularities immediately will certainly reduce and help identify any programmed machine fraud. Early voters in Texas and Nevada have already reported “vote-flipping” from GOP to DNC presidential candidates:

Intimidated Citizens

It is anticipated that protests and voter intimidation actions could occur in some metropolitan areas. This in-turn may cause citizens to be fearful of exercising their right to vote. Both major political parties have stated their intent to field personnel with video recording devices to document any voter intimidation activities.

Exit Pollsters

Many exit polling organizations, including those sponsored by the major presidential candidates, will be collecting information at key polling stations. These organizations will collect data to determine if the official precinct outcomes are consistent with the results of exit polls conducted and identify irregularities between exit pollster results. In the event that fraud is indicated, the data collected can be provided to appropriate officials and used to challenge reported polling station results.


The first three YouTube videos below are from Project Veritas. The first video reveals voter intimidation tactics being used by a rouge political party. The second and third videos reveal voter fraud on an industrial-scale.  The remaining articles are a sampling of some of the voter fraud investigations currently taking place regarding the upcoming election.  Currently there are voter fraud investigations occurring in at least 16 states. Illegal voter registration and mail-in ballot fraud investigations make up the majority of these cases.

Call to Action

Direction and guidance from Stewart Rhodes will be provided shortly. A link to the Call to Action will be provided here when available.


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