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The U.S. power grid may be more fragile than you think

(INTELLIHUB) — Americans seem to be held spellbound by the threat of a nuke launch by North Korea. But in reality, we have far graver issues to worry about when it comes to North Korea. The mainstream media’s constant crowing about North Korea’s imminent launch detracts attention from more important issues.

Regardless of what type of warheads Kim Jong-un has in his arsenal, the delivery systems in North Korea’s possession at the present time are neither reliable nor accurate enough to be a problem for the United States, albeit South Korea and Japan do have real cause for worry.

In the case of the United States, we should be concerned by the fact that since 2012, North Korea has launched at least two satellites, which do indeed orbit over the United States. It is much easier and much more effective for North Korea to hit sections or swathes of the U.S. with an electromagnetic pulse strike.

As most people know, an electromagnetic pulse creates a surge throughout the power grid, rendering high voltage transformers and electronics inoperable. EHVs or Extra-High Voltage transformers are extremely susceptible to EMPs and are costly and time-consuming to replace.

This means that millions of people in metropolitan areas will be impacted by an imminent and catastrophic collapse of infrastructure within several days of the attack due to shortages of food and fuel. That would occur within a week. Furthermore, as conditions become less sanitary, the incidence and prevalence of disease.

The fragility of our power grid is one of the greatest dangers to our nation at this point in time – not warheads strapped on to a shoddy delivery system by the North Koreans.

For those of you who want more information regarding the fragility of our power grid, here is an Executive Summary entitled Electromagnetic Pulse: Effects on the U.S. Power Grid. It’s a real eye-opener.

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