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As the mainstream media’s desperate attempt to salvage it’s reputation by discrediting “fake news” sources (otherwise known as any media outlet expressing a right-of-center opinion) rages on, Morning Consult has released a new poll ranking the “credibility” of the various print and TV media sources.

The major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, ranked highest in credibility while the cable news outlets fell further down the list, with MSNBC trailing the pack. 

The Wall Street Journal edged out the New York Times as the “most credible” print media source.  Meanwhile, the Huffington Post, which literally pledged allegiance to Hillary Clinton, was viewed as credible by 46% of those surveyed proving that the polling data is utterly useless.  And, as if that wasn’t enough evidence to prove its irrelevance, the poll also found that 18% of respondents found “The Onion,” which is the only openly “fake news” source on the list, to be credible.

Fake News

And, like many polls released at the tail end of the 2016 presidential election cycle, the results were drastically split along party lines implying that consolidated results could be heavily manipulated through “oversamples” of various groups based on party affiliation and ethnicity.  

Among Republicans, Fox News was viewed as the “most credible” news source while The Onion ranked last.  That said, Democrats ranked Fox just above The Onion which they found to be more credible than both Breitbart and Infowars. 

Fake News

Meanwhile, nearly 50% of respondents said that they see “fake news” at least once a day.  That said, it’s pretty difficult to lend any credibility to a poll in which 22% of Democrats surveyed view The Onion as a credible news source. 

Fake News

Of course, we assume that the majority of the people surveyed in this poll must have missed the following memo revealed by WikiLeaks and exposing unprecedented coordination between the Hillary campaign and the mainstream media.

Hillary Press

They probably also ignored the fact that the guest list included the who’s who of national reporters, many of whom ranked at the very top of the Morning Consult’s poll of the “most credible” media outlets.

Hillary Press

But what do we know?  We’re just another “fake news” outlet peddling fiction.

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