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Former CIA shill, Phil Mudd, took to CNN yesterday in an attempt to both smear Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and also help change the narrative regarding alleged, muh, Russian hacks on the U.S. Presidential elections.

Notice how the rhetoric has shifted from Putin himself directing the hacks to a third party being directed by the Russians? Also, he called Assange a pedophile, the very thing John Podesta’s emails caused many to believe in an underground child trafficking ring called ‘Pizzagate.’

Source: Zerohedge

In keeping with the theme of providing no proof to the general public, the officials declined to describe the intelligence obtained about the involvement of a third-party in passing on leaked material to WikiLeaks, saying they did not want to reveal how the U.S. government had obtained the information. So just trust them, please.
The shift in the narrative is curious because as a reminder, officials had concluded “months earlier” that Russian intelligence agencies had directed the hacking, but had been less certain that they could prove Russia also had controlled the release of information damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It now appears that along with lack of evidence, the attention has shifted to an “intermediary” as being the responsible party .

Here’s Phil Mudd, lying his ass off, in a CNN ‘interview’ aka propaganda skit.

As a result of this interview, Wikileaks threatened to sue CNN for defamation.

CNN apologized for permitting their analyst to defame Assange, in the most egregious of ways, and issued this statement.

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