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Mixed Verdicts on Malheur Protest Trial II

Each defendant was found guilty of at least one charge.

By Bret Roush

  • Count 1) Conspiracy to Impede Federal Officers by Threats of Force or Intimidation
  • Count 2) Carrying a weapon on Federal Property
  • Count 6) Depredation of Federal Property (Only against Jake Ryan)
  • Count 7) Depredation of Federal Property (Only against Duane Ehmer)

If the defendant was not found guilty on count one they could not be found guilty on count two.

Jason Patrick was found guilty on count one, but not count two.

Darryl Thorn was found guilty on counts one and two.

Duane Ehmer was found guilty on count seven.

Jake Ryan was found guilty on count six.

Before the judge returned to the courtroom, Darryl Thorn led the gallery (those that wished to participate) in the Lord’s Prayer.

Matthew Schindler tried to break the tension, “Who is getting tased?”.  US Marshals did not appreciate that bit of levity as one came back into the courtroom to remind everyone that no reactions were allowed.

It was stressed after that there would be no reaction to the verdicts being read, by Judge Brown and again by the courtroom guards.

All of the defendants were released pending sentencing on May 10th.

“This verdict changes nothing on the righteousness of the message.” -Schindler


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