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According to an article in the Associated Press (AP), the Texas Department of Public Safety, (DPS) considers alleged drunk drivers, pot smokers and child support evaders to be “high-threat criminals.”

You read that right, Police State America is now turning low-level criminals into “high-threat” criminals.

Drivers in Texas busted for drunken driving, not paying child support or low-level drug offenses are among thousands of “high-threat” criminal arrests being counted as part of a nearly $1 billion mission to secure the border with Mexico. What they’re really saying is, low-level drug offenders can mean, marijuana possession or getting caught smoking a joint.

DHS and law enforcement have arrested nearly 21,000 “high-threat” criminals since 2015

DPS and DHS have made 20,993 “high-threat” criminal arrests in the last 24 months and 2,099 in the last 60 days.

Which means, Texas averages approximately 11,000 “high-threat” arrests a year!

How many of these “high-threat” criminals are immigrants?

Remember, DHS is holding a record 45,000 immigrants for deportation. Many immigrants face thousands of dollars in fines just to get out of prison and must agree to wear a GPS tracker for $420 a month.

A threat overview published by DPS in 2013 defined “high-threat” criminals as “individuals whose criminal activity poses a serious public safety or homeland security threat.”

What possible risk do pot smokers, child support evaders and alleged drunk drivers pose to Homeland Security?

How long before red-light violators, speeding violators and traffic scofflaws are considered a “high-threat” to homeland security?

Pot smokers and alleged drunk drivers are as bad as murders, rapists and sex offenders

According to a Texas DPS 2015Resource Book, alleged drunk drivers, pot smokers and child support evaders are as bad as murderers, rapists and sex offenders.
The Combat Crime and Terrorism function focuses on protecting Texas from terrorist attacks, organized criminal activity, public corruption, and violent criminals by eliminating high-threat organizations, enhancing border and highway security, and conducting investigations that result in the incarceration of corrupt public officials and “high-threat” criminals. (page A9)

Does that mean alleged drunk drivers, pot smokers and child support evaders are considered potential terrorists too?

Pages A13 and A14, describe how the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) works closely with local, state, and federal agencies to identify and arrest “high-threat” criminals such as sex offenders and other violent fugitives. Some of the other offenses the CID investigates are murder and rape

In response to the AP article, DPS said it will recommend removing child support evaders from the list. Where does that leave alleged drunk drivers, pot smokers etc?  

Police are conducting BILLIONS of criminal background checks, thousands of DNA profiles and polygraphs every year

Excerpts taken from page 8 of a Texas DPS 2014 Annual report reveals things are much worse than anyone can imagine.

In 2014 DPS, claims they arrested 16,643 high-threat criminals, seized $20.4 million in cash and $3.4 million in property (asset forfeiture).

Law enforcement analyzed 68,222 DNA profiles uploaded to the Combined DNA Information System (CODIS).
Law enforcement conducted 2,703 polygraph examinations.

Law enforcement processed 87,345,709 National Crime Information Center/Texas Crime Information Center queries.

The implications of what’s happening is frightening. How many other states are doing the exact same things?

How long before someone you know, is considered a threat to homeland insecurity? Because that’s the direction we’re headed in!

Comedian Jim Jefferies on the sad reality of freedom in America


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