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The Lira is down over 1% following Bloomberg reports from CNN TURK that Washington has declined to issue a visa to a delegation from Turkey’s Justice Ministry.

There was a last-minute development in visa tensions between Turkey and the United States. The US did not give a visa to the officials of the Justice Ministry who would be in contact with Washington.

The group included the following names:

  • Aytekin Sakarya (General Director of Criminal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice)
  • Mehmet Çkmen (General Director of Laws)
  • Orhan Cuni (General Director of Criminal Affairs General Directorate of Alternative Solutions Department)
  • Merve Ozcan (Tetkik Hakimi)
  • Prof.Dr. Mustafa Serdar Özbek (Ba?kent University Faculty of Law)

The US has announced that the visas have not been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to visa restrictions.

The reaction was immediate…



This is the latest escalation in the US/Turkey Visa battle that started 3 weeks ago.

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