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Put the validity of Kerry’s claims on pause for a moment and think about what Obama is doing here. He is the very definition of lame duck. His legacy was on election and it was roundly rejected with the election of Trump. They know Trump is very pro-Israel, yet according to Israeli sources they put the UN up to the task of passing a resolution that demanded an end to Israeli settlements.

This is the exact opposite of creating a seemless transition to power for Trump. Everything these clowns are doing now, their vindictive agenda trolling, will have to be undone by Trump.

Here’s Kerry calling Netanyahu the most right wing in Israeli history. I’ve never heard an America Secretary of State speak like this about Israel.

And here is Kerry chiding Israel about its values, saying ‘they can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both.’ I don’t recall Kerry doing a presses suggesting the same advice for our dear friends in Saudi Arabia.

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