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By Rob Morse. April 9th, 2018

There was a time when children cried so we burned witches. Today, we have some 23 thousand ‘Gun control’ regulations. We pass new regulations each time a celebrity gets shot or some white kids get attacked. We’ve burned that witch before.

Each gun regulation is sold to us in glowing terms as it’s being debated. Each new regulation is breathlessly described as-

urgently saving..essential reform..violence prevention..common sense..crime control..limit armed terrorists.. controlling dangerous weapons..firearms safety..controlling unprecedented weapons of war..public safety legislation..

..and it sounds so wonderful.

You have to ask yourself some questions if you don’t believe the overhyped press briefing. If each of the 23 thousand ‘Gun control’ regulations were all that we were told, then why do these regulations fail every few minutes and we have another violent crime? I thought all those earlier laws fixed that.

‘Gun control’ laws don’t stop criminals because criminals don’t obey our laws. (We can document that obvious point if you need.) ‘Gun control’ fails because we don’t prosecute criminals with the laws we already have. ‘Gun control’ fails because background checks look backwards at a person’s history. That gives criminals and crazies one free mass murder before they become prohibited persons.

At best, ‘Gun control’ isn’t much of a solution.

We’ve looked very hard at the data. ‘Gun control’ does nothing to reduce violent crimes like mass murder, armed murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. (And here, here too.) Some data says that ‘Gun control’ disarms the honest people so crime actually goes up after ‘Gun control’ is passed. And before you ask, the police collect crime information, mostly for insurance purposes. The police rarely stop violent crimes in progress.

If the stacks and stacks of ‘Gun control’ legislation failed before, then why do we expect the next bit of legislative-ink-on-paper to stop the next violent criminal? The truth is, we don’t. Neither do the politicians who pass these laws.


Those are very powerful forces at work. No wonder we try the same failed idea time after time. Until we are willing to dig past the headlines, we simply burn another witch and pass another ‘Gun control’ law. After all, it made us feel better last time.

I don’t have all the answers. I’m not even sure which will come first. Will we stop distracting ourselves with ‘Gun control’, and then look at the real causes and solutions to public violence? Will we implement a few effective measures and then stop wasting time with ‘Gun control’ legislation? Either would be fine, and not a minute too soon.

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