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As previewed yesterday, today at 10pm ET, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange would be interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, in a wide ranging discussion touching most notably on whether or not Russia provided WikiLeaks the hacked Democratic emails – as pointed out yesterday, the answer was a “1000%” no.

For those who are unable, or unwilling to watch, Fox, here is a link to the full interview which will take place over the next hour, until 11pm ET.

Assange’s concluding remarks were uncharacteristically emotional:

“I have been detained illegally, without charge for six years, without sunlight, lots of spies everywhere. It’s tough… but that’s the mission I set myself on. I understand the kind of game that’s being played – big powerful actors will try and take revenge…it’s a different thing for my family – I have young children, under 10 years old, they didn’t sign up for that… and I think that is fundamentally unjust… my family is innocent, they didn’t sign up for that fight.”

Full Interview below (starting at 49:08…)

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