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Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Andrew Napolitano believes that the way in which FBI Director James Comey handled the re-opening and closure of the investigation into the emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will tarnish the reputation of the FBI and limit the time the current director has in his position no matter who is elected on Nov. 8.

On Sunday, FBI director Comey sent a letter sent to House and Senate committee leaders stating that agents had completed their review of all messages to or from Clinton on a laptop seized last month from former Rep. Anthony Wiener and that nothing worthy of prosecution was found.

“There’s nothing wrong with the FBI investigating (Hillary), absolutely should investigate her where ever the investigation takes her,” Judge Napolitano explained to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Monday. “But to have given a snapshot of that investigation ten days ago, and then another snapshot of it’s closure last night, all of this within two weeks of the election, puts a thumb on the political scale that will tarnish the FBI’s reputation and in my opinion, most respectfully, prevents Jim Comey from staying on as FBI director no matter which of the two candidates are elected tomorrow.”

When asked to clarify if he believes that Comey’s days are numbered as FBI Director, the Judge respond, “Yes, and I’m saying he knows his days are numbered and he is now just doing the best he can to burnish the reputation of the FBI, which I believe he loves, and to burnish his own personal reputation.”

It came as a shock to many that the FBI was able to review the 650,000 emails from the laptop of disgraced Anthony Wiener, the estranged husband of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, in just a matter of days. Many believe that the investigation may have been extremely partial considering it took the FBI over a year to review some 50,000 Clinton emails during the initial investigation.

“You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” Donald Trump said Sunday in a campaign speech in Michigan hours after Comey’s letter to congress made headlines.

Judge Napolitano was able to give some insight into how the FBI went through the 650,000 emails.

“They devised software that would allow 650,000 emails to be examined digitally for certain keywords, phrases and references, which would draw out the ones they needed to read fully,” the Judge said. “They did that 24/7 for eight days and concluded yesterday afternoon – they started this Sunday afternoon a week ago yesterday when the search warrant was signed – that there is nothing in here that makes the case against her stronger.”

Napolitano predicts that if Trump manages to take the White House the DOJ will continue to pursue an investigation into Clinton pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and the allegations of pay-to-play public corruption.

As for Hillary, if elected the Judge believes she will “begin her presidency as wounded as Rich Nixon did as he began his second in January of 73′” and would still have to deal with House Republicans investigating her.

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