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James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Entertainment which has partnered with Bill Van Alen, of Cornerstone Entertainment, Constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira, Jr., and independent producer, Richard B. Iott, to produce a series of feature-length political documentaries centering on the U.S. Constitution.  The first documentary — “FIAT EMPIRE” about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul — garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months.  That inspired James and his associates to develop, produce and release additional cutting-edge motion pictures including SPOILER, MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE featuring such experts as Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt, John McManus, Sheriff Mack and other Freedom Movement celebrities. 

The Daily BellWhat are you doing as far as your current film project?

James JaegerI am working on a new film entitled MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.  Because this is a large subject, we have broken it down into a 4-part mini series.  MAINSTREAM Part 1 – “Moving Images” [premiered] Wednesday, 17 May.

We are hoping that people will see merit to Part 1 and help us complete Part 2, which is currently in rough-cut stage.  We do not need very much money to complete Part 2, but frankly, if donations don’t come in, we will shelve the entire project; the Globalists that control the Mainstream Media will have won.  I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here, but I want to let your readers know up-front that this movie project has been the most difficult to get made of all 7 of my previous documentaries.

Although OATH KEEPERS has been very supportive of MAINSTREAM — and about 400 of their Members have donated — one of our key producer/donors died (loss of $27,000), another one bailed out because he’s leery about being blacklisted by Hollywood (loss of $25,000) and the last recently signed a deal with a major studio (loss of $20,000).  Given these losses, and in the absence of an eagle who steps in, we are more dependent on Mom & Pop donors than ever.  Such donors gave us great support for the previous two “gun” movies, MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE, and they got done with good effect.

I send one of our 7 movies to Donald Trump’s office every week and I have been sending MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE to Wayne LaPierre’s  office every three or four months.  And have you noticed his change in tone as he and his organization start to “git”  the Second, as Sheriff Mack might say.

So these movies are making an impact.  Trump’s entire platform on free trade is a practically word-for-word duplicate of ORIGINAL INTENT, one of the movies you here at the Daily Bell promoted and supported early on.  So YOU are making a difference through this publication and our movies.

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