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Black Pigeon Speaks, discusses the blatant move by the President of Italy to deny the election recent results, in which a coalition of populist parties won over 69% of the vote. The EU supporting President denied the populists the right to form a government, thus thwarting the will of the people. Instead of approving the populist government, he appointed a former director of the IMF to serve as interim Prime Minister until new elections can be held.

How blatant can you get?

The European Union is crumbling in the face of a populist/nationalist wave sweeping Europe. The pro-EU bureaucrats are scrambling to deny this populist/nationalist wave, and in the process are exposing themselves as tyrannical tyrants, which only buttresses the populist/nationalists cause.

Just as the Globalist Mainstream Media in America is opposed to the populist/nationalist President Trump, the European Mainstream Media is doing all it can to destroy the anti-globalist, nationalist/populist movement in Europe.

And there is this from Dr. Steven Turley: Brussels’ Revenge: Italian President Blocks Nationalist Populist Coalition!!!

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