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In this very interesting video, Dr. Steve Turley asks the question: Is Europe’s Far-Right Unstoppable? He then goes on to define what the Far-Right is according to scholarly literature. It is being defined, says Turley, as having three main pillars of belief: Nationalism, Populism and Traditionalism.

Globalism, it should be noted, is opposed to all three of these pillars of Far-Right belief. What we are seeing in Europe, and in the US, is an ideology that is in direct opposition to Globalism. It dismisses the need to maintain the old framework of economy, policy, education and other aspects of life that have, until now, been created and protected by the Globalist hierarchy. Old beliefs in Left vs. Right, of Liberal vs. Conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, that kept within the bounds of the Globalist framework, are, therefore, of no value. Indeed, it is these limitations on how we think, (within the Globalist framework), that are being thrown out.

The rise of the Far-Right, as defined by these three pillars, is of great concern to the Globalists, who interestingly enough are meeting at the annual Bilderberg meeting, which, strangely enough, is being held in Italy, it being the most recent European country to vote out the Globalists and vote in a new Far-Right government. At this meeting, the Globalists will be having meetings to discuss how to deal with the rise of the Far-Right.

The rise of the Far-Right is a rejection of Globalism, and the ideological confines the Globalists have kept us in.

The Globalists are losing their power to set the confines of debate. They are losing the narrative, as more and more people see how the Globalists have manipulated them for years (generations, even). When a light is turned on, the fear of the darkness disappears.


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