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If a million, or more, armed men crossed our border, or any border, it would be considered an invasion, yet if the same number of men, women and children illegally cross our borders, unarmed, seeking our wealth and playing upon our kindness, we are expected, by the Leftists, to welcome them with open arms.

The waves of illegal immigrants entering the USA are an invasion. These illegal immigrants seek to benefit from the generous social welfare benefits handed out to them. Few of them are fleeing persecution. Most are simply economic migrants looking for a better life.

The Globalist/Leftists want them to come here to swell the ranks of voters on their side. That is the plan they openly admit to, yet there is a darker side to their plan. The Far Left, funded by George Soros and other moneyed Globalist Oligarchs, has as one of its goals the destruction of the USA from the inside, by overwhelming the social welfare system, the hospitals, the criminal justice system and the educational system. Overwhelming the System with a huge volume of needy people is their goal. They do not desire to solve problems. They seek to create problems. From the chaos they create, they expect to gain eventual complete power. That is their game plan.

As the rich Oligarchs fund the massive influx of immigrants, they build walls around their own homes. While they seek to disarm us, they are protected by armed guards. They demand we accept these immigrants into our communities, yet wall them from their gated communities. They accept these immigrants into their communities only as low paid servants, gardeners and nannies. They do not treat them as equals.

In the Globalist businesses, they hire the illegal immigrants as new, lower paid employees to replace higher paid employees.

The Open Borders plan is simply a plan to eliminate National Sovereignty, which stands in the way of the Globalist One World Utopia. National Sovereignty must be eliminated if their Utopia is to be achieved. Any individual, or group, opposed to their Globalist Utopia must be marginalized or destroyed. Since they are not moral people, they use immoral means to gain their objectives. They promote every kind of perversion and debauchery. They have no compulsion against lying, or destroying the lives of those who oppose them through deception. They seek to win, at all costs.

In Central Europe, there are nations proudly proclaiming their sovereignty, and standing up for their cultures and traditions. They are refusing to accept migrants who do not wish to assimilate into their cultures. Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and now Austria and even Italy, are refusing to accept the waves of immigrants who the Globalists want to dump into their countries. Angela Merkel, in Germany, is losing support and is in danger of her coalition collapsing.

The tide is turning against the Globalists. Still, they hold economic power, even as their political power is waning.

If we are to ever free ourselves completely from the clutches of the Globalists, we must free ourselves from the Central Banks, the World Bank, the International Monetary System (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). These institutions create the money and control the economies of the world’s nations. The common people do not benefit from these institutions. Only the Globalist Oligarchs benefit. It is how they control us, along with the surveillance apparatus.

Here in the US, we need for the Treasury Department to take over the powers delegated to the Federal Reserve System. Rather than bring money into existence as instruments of debt, it can be spent into existence without incurring interest. We should then withdraw from the IMF, the World Bank and the BIS. With these actions, we can break the power of the Globalists. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Fo we have the courage to do so?

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