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By B.N. Frank

Anyone who has ever experienced insomnia understands that it is an absolutely miserable condition to have.  Because of our increasingly high-tech world, it has become very common to keep digital, electronic, and wireless devices turned on and plugged in near our beds –if not in beds with us or our loved ones.  Research has proven that this can severely impair our ability to sleep well enough, or at all, because of blue light from screens, CFL and LED lightbulbs, cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation, and “Dirty Electricity.”

Because of this, many people have adopted an electronics-free bedroom including sexy people, Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen.

Of course, an electronics-free bedroom may still not be enough.  If you have utility “smart” meters on your home, the radiation and Dirty Electricity emitted from them can also cause insomnia as well as many other health issues.  If your utility company offers and “opt-out,” you may want to consider signing up for it.  If your utility company doesn’t offer an “opt-out,” there are organizations that may be able to help you fight to get one.

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