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As of this writing, it has barely been 24 hours since President Trump instructed the DOJ (Department of Justice) to ban “bump stocks,” the modification that enables a semiautomatic rifle to fire rounds at a rate of fire similar to that of a fully-automatic weapon. The Democrats already have hundreds of pages of proposed legislation to ban different types of weapons. This current directive of the President (via Presidential “Memorandum”) is heinous in the fact that it is yet completely undefined.

Nobody knows what “modifications” will be covered in a document banning them. The fact remains that it could be so loosely interpreted as to encompass any part or accessory not made by the manufacturer and included with the original firearm. This attack on firearms has been incremental and not unexpected: nobody thought the Democrats would cease their efforts with the current administration in office.

Then again, who would have thought an American President would cave in so readily at the behest of the liberal gun-grabbers and the “court of public opinion” on this matter?

I have written in numerous articles that the paradigm shift will continue to move to the left. It is taking a “breather” with the current administration…but society is still moving toward socialism in thought and action (termed “community”) as well as groupthink and redistribution of wealth (termed “social justice”). It’s not just the guns.  There are other sectors that are rapidly moving in this direction.

In 2011, the Obama regime had one good thing that it put into place. The Department of Labor upheld that wages earned by waitresses, waiters, and other service people who are employed as bellhops, bartenders, and room service attendants…these people were entitled to keep their tips.

And why not? In the United States, is not a worker entitled to what they earn? Well, not anymore.

The Trump administration has approved of a DOL rule change that would make it mandatory for service people to share tips with others who do not directly interact with the customers being served. Sharing the wealth. Yes, this is now to include people who were forbidden to take any tips by law unless the server agreed to it, such as cooks, groundskeepers, and others. In addition, it is being ruled that employers now “own” the tips. Exit free enterprise, and time to crush another group of people and distribute the wealth.

You would have thought that Obama made this rule change and the President made the one in 2011, that’s how diametrically opposed to one another these rules are.

Now “tip pooling” that had previously been only able to be done with the consent of the employees can now be forced.  This will also bring more income “into the light” for taxes. There’s another insidious vampire lurking in the wings…another “partner,” so to speak, on the stage to “craft” the demise of the tip: The National Restaurant Association. When this rule goes through, wage theft, overtime theft, and tip theft will run rampant…and the National Restaurant Association will benefit from the thefts (soon to be labeled as “appropriations” …the whole thing is termed a “rescission” under the Color of Law “reforms”) by the added income to restaurant owners that will trickle to them.

Oh, and the new rule would benefit the President: he would be able to keep and profit from his employees’ tips in all the different business that he owns.

But that’s O.K., as it’s the new paradigm, as illustrated by an article on the matter that you can read in it’s entirety here: Trump Is About to Make Tip-Pooling Legal Again. Here’s What That Means for Restaurant Workers

And here’s an excerpt from one of the “prominents” of the restaurant industry, showing the new, politically-correct (and Socialist) thought that “must” govern tipped workers:

“Service comes from the entire restaurant,” says Dan Rafalin, managing partner at Avroko Hospitality Group, which owns and runs restaurants like Saxon and Parole and Genuine Roadside in New York City. “We believe that the cooks are part of the service experience and customer experience. We all come to work and we are in it together.”

Thanks, Daniel Rafalin! We’re in it together…so why aren’t you sharing your salary and the profits from your lovely organization with the employees? Why?

It is anent control, dominion, and redistribution of the wealth…to make everyone poor…everyone will wear the same uniform, have the same wage, and suffer under the same burden of taxes and profligate spending of those funds by politicians. It is all about exempting themselves and placing the burden on the citizens.

First, we have “flying monkey” Cruz with his perfectly-timed rampage that so conveniently sets up “changes” in existing firearms laws, and next, they’re doing more to place everyone on the same treadmill at exactly the same rates…the community collective…the group hive. The ones who “craft” the laws are fine with all of it: they are not subject to the laws themselves. They’ll continue to take the money…the worthless fiat currency that supports the phony, artificial system…that collapses eventually in the design of Cloward and Piven.

When they take the firearms, it will be a different matter. The “turtle and the scorpion,” and when that turtle takes the scorpion across the river, the scorpion will sting him. He must: he’s a scorpion. When they remove the firearms, just wait and see what they’ll do next. Want a preview? Read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn, and you’ll understand how it will be…if we allow it to happen.  The odds are that nothing will be done…by us:

        “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  – Animal Farm by George Orwell

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