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from The Daily Bell:

World Finance Officials Pledge More Resources to Aid Growth … World finance leaders pledged Saturday to use more resources to try to bolster economic gains as they confront stubbornly slow growth and a rising backlash against globalization. The policy committee for the 189-nation International Monetary Fund said the world has “benefited tremendously from globalization” but that protectionism is a threat. Increasing anger over globalization dominated the annual meetings of the IMF and its sister lending agency, the World Bank. – ABC/AP

What’s the solution to Brexit? More spending on international trade.

Because people are angry about globalism, the IMF has decided its member states need to spend more money counteracting the “globalist” backlash.

We’ve been following the “populism versus globalism” meme closely and have written it is justifying increased spending on globalist programs, as you can see from this excerpt above.

We have always been suspicious of the Brexit outcome, believing that elites in Britain could have manipulated votes against Brexit if they’d wished to do so.

Apparently, they did not. Instead, Brexit passed in order to create “directed history.”

The idea of this history may be to use “anger” expressed by Brexit to develop costly, new programs supporting worldwide trade. Presumably such additional resources might flow into support for technocratic trade agreements such as TPP.

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