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If Trump means well, cares enough, is smart enough

By Jon Rappoport

Trump has won over many voters on the issue of Globalism—and specifically on the loss of American jobs as ruthless corporations move overseas. His opposition to job killing treaties like NAFTA and the upcoming TPP is strong.

If he’s being real, if he really intends to do something about it, if he’s smart enough to make a difference, against great odds, I have a suggestion for him.

In nutshell, he should come out publicly and say this:

“You know, there was one other candidate in this campaign who was powerfully opposed to the destruction Globalism has brought us, and he’s off the scene right now. He had quite a following. His name is Bernie Sanders. He and I disagree on many fundamentals, but on this issue, we see eye to eye on major points. So I’m asking Bernie to join with me, if I win this election, and plan how we’re going to turn this killer called Globalism around. I want his intelligence and input. You might remember another popular past candidate who opposes Globalism. The media gave him a raw deal. His name is Ron Paul. I need his help, too. He’s very, very smart and well-intentioned. And to round out my wish list, I’d like to have yet another past Presidential candidate on board, a man who has stood up for his principles for longer than some of us had any principles. His name is Ralph Nader. Again, he and I would disagree on many fundamentals, but on the issue of Globalism, we share much common ground. With these people, I would prove to you doubters that I’m very serious about bringing back jobs to America and cutting the horrible drain created by these trade treaties. I say to these three men, love me, hate me, I don’t care. If you want to put an end to the monster called Globalism, help me…”

If Trump is smart enough and cares enough, this is what he should do.


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