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Hey, a lot, and enough beer and good jokes will purchase you pussy, but i’m paying my student loans off steadily and quickly and will be done before age 30 (much earlier if i stop being lazy). My car will be paid in a year and a half, got it half a year ago unlike these 72 month idiots, and it’s a fast german one.

I grew up with basically no money (worked as a dishwasher at age 16 which is the minimum here and even that was killer). $7 an hour and even then i knew how stupid the fkin minimum wage was. My parents paid a very small fraction of my college cost. This is definitely NOT to excuse our moneyprinting communist satanic NWO overlords for roping 18 year olds with IQ’s equal to their age in years into $100k loans, just saying that some people can leverage loans properly, even in a bullshit fed-induced bubble climate. They can distort the market, but we are smarter (especially here at ZH!).

BTW Manthong, you are one of the best posters on here, and i’m in agreement with you here. Just felt like riffing off what you were saying.

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