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A parade entry any American should be proud to cheer on… (Kris Kobach/Twitter)

“We want to apologize for the concern and frustration involved with Mr. Kris Kobach’s parade entry at the Old Shawnee Days Parade on Saturday, June 2, 2018,” a joint press release put out by the City of Shawnee, KS, and event organizers wailed. “In no way does this or any parade entry or float directly reflect [our] views and values…”

What were them apologizing and re-apologizing and wringing their hands over and assuring everyone their “safety… is our highest concern”? What did some say they felt “unsafe or unsettled” about? What did the civic luminaries pledge they’d be “taking steps in the future to ensure something similar does not happen again”?

“Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach rode through Shawnee, Kansas, on Saturday in a Jeep with a [replica] .50-caliber machine gun apparently on top as part of an annual city parade,” USA Today “reported.” The anti-gun paper couldn’t resist repeating the false assertion that “the gun it replicated is not covered by the Second Amendment.”

Sure it is, if one considers the reason the Founders included it in the Bill of Rights.

So who would object?

An anti-gun preacher, for one. From a church that has partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s Mom’s Demand Action in spreading one-sided and wholly unqualified “gun safety” propaganda.

Speaking of them, we also see:

“The pro gun-control group Moms Demand Action was also represented [at the parade]. Jo Ella Hoye, a leader of the Kansas chapter, was among those wearing orange to raise awareness about gun violence.”

Anybody see any indignant demands for apologies over that?

And that leads to the logical question of what is it about the Bill of Rights that does not “reflect … the views and values” of the City of Shawnee’s “leadership,” all of whom on the Council took an oath to the Constitution? Have these people never seen rifles in parades? You get the feeling some of them would wet themselves if they were ever in Westcliffe, CO for Independence Day.

Curiously, the city fathers evidently feel the way to represent Old Shawnee Days on Facebook is with a rainbow flag. No doubt recalling the real old Shawnee days, with residents corralled and murdered while their town was burned by Quantrill’s Raiders would offend the delicate sensitivities of those who believe individual and community defense is something always best left to professionals—by government mandate.

For his part, gubernatorial candidate Kobach is …uh… sticking to his guns.

“The outrage over the replica gun on the back of a patriotic jeep is the left trying to attack guns and your #2A rights,” he tweeted in response to the phony shock act. “I will not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture.”

Nor should we. Because as this shows, the gun-grabbers are not only against guns in private hands, they’re against the very idea that represents, and will stoop to ginning up fear and fabricated indignation, all enthusiastically abetted by an activist “media” that tries to dominate the narrative with narrative-spinning headlines like:

  • Kansas Governor Candidate Shocks With Replica Gun at Parade
  • Kobach slammed for parade appearance with “replica” machine gun
  • Kobach criticized after riding in parade with replica gun
  • Hiding Behind Big Guns: The New Campaign Strategy
  • Kris Kobach wants you to be triggered by his big, bad, fake gun. Don’t take the bait
  • Kris Kobach Wants You To Suck On His Fake Machine Gun

The futility of reconciling the two Americas could not be more clearly illustrated.


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