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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared that multiculturalism in Europe “has utterly failed” and that Hungary will not be bullied into destructive EU immigration policies in a rousing speech to the Fidesz Party, which he currently spearheads.

During a party function in Budapest this week, Orban reinforced the positions for which he is well known: secure national borders, zero tolerance for illegal immigration, defense of Hungarian culture and “Christian civilization,” stiff criticism of the EU’s globalist agenda, and a commitment to battling Hungarian-born international mobster and financial terrorist, George Soros.

No one can command any nation who should live in their own country, this can only be the sovereign decision of nations,” he said, referring to harassment from the European Union and its most powerful member states, like Germany and France, who are applying immense pressure upon Hungary to accept migrant resettlement ‘quotas.’ “There is almost complete consensus that the independence of our economy and our migration policy must be protected from interference by Brussels.”

“We do not want to participate in the German experiment in the falsification of history, which tries to blame Hungary for letting the migrants into Europe, instead of Germany. Multiculti has utterly failed, and they want its price to be paid by all European Union member states, including Hungary.”

Hungary was once inundated with a surge of migrants before the rapid erection of a multi-tiered, electrified border wall and implementation of aggressive deportation policies, and now its citizens overwhelmingly oppose accepting illegal immigrants, “not a single one, not temporarily, not at all,” said Orban.

“We should not let illegal migrants roam around in the country, which would give them a chance to vanish, disappear from our eyes.”

A referendum held last year saw Hungarians vote 98% in rejection of EU migrant quotas.

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