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Yesterday we posted an epic rant from Mike Rowe on ‘logical fallacies’ entitled “Mike Rowe Eviscerates “Smug” Snowflake Who Calls Him A ‘White Nationalist’“.  To summarize, Rowe responded to a Facebook follower who tried to argue that his position asserting that maybe not every high school kid in America needs a $200,000 BA in anthropology essentially proved that he was a “white nationalist.”  Can’t you see the logic flow?

Now, we have another great example of a logical fallacy presented by former DNC Chair Howard goes something like this:

All white nationalists in America voted for Trump; Trump ran in 2016 as Republican; Therefore, all Republican candidates and anyone who votes for them are necessarily white nationalists.

Unfortunately, we’re not joking…frankly, we’re not even really exaggerating. 

Here’s what Dean had to say on MSNBC:

“I think this may be the moment for Trump.  I think today, in the 2018 elections, if you vote for Republicans you’re supporting Donald Trump.  If you want to vote for a racist in the White House, then you better vote for Republicans.  So, I think this may be the moment that turns America away from the Republican party.”

Conclusion, Democrats better sweep the House in 2018 or you’re all a bunch of racists…

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