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How Video Games Affect your Brain | Video-Games-1024x683 | General Health Medical & Health

By: Ryan Varela | 

Video games have become a major form of leisure and recreation for almost every generation. These come in several categories including action packed, puzzle, word, and role playing games. With the fast changing innovations in the field of technology, more advanced softwares have been developed and produced. These include more vibrant images, entertaining sounds, and mind boggling challenges. The updates offered users a more enjoyable and fun experience. It also allows them to positively develop their mental skills through careful planning and strategizing. On the other hand, negative effects have also arisen that greatly affects the individual physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Some of the positive effects of video games that play a complex role in brain development of an individual were as follows:

Problem Solving Skills

Several skills are being improved and acquired with the regular playing of video games. The brain training may be enhanced with the positive gaming experience. Research shows that exposures to tasks and challenges lead to an increase in the activity of the different brain regions. The skills learned thru playing can be used and transferred to real life. Improvement of the memory, attention, and processing speed were some of the skills acquired by training on a certain task, such as playing video games.

Decision Making and Fast Analysis

Quick decision making based on critical analysis is enhanced with constant calculations and probabilities. Studies showed that the brain undergoes deep work out and training by playing video games, especially the action packed ones.

Cognitive Control

Cognitive control is greatly being practiced while playing video games. The reactive and proactive inhibitions are being enhanced. The different levels also allow one to practice task switching and even working memory. The improvement in cognitive control of an individual is widely shown and linked to the different sessions of gaming.

Move Quickly, but Accurately

Action games allow better brain training with regards to quick decision making. This is done without losing any sense of accuracy. The fast paced games allow the brain to act and move fast in order to win the game.

Anticipation Strategy

The anticipation strategy allows players to have telescoping skills. This refers to having and keeping long term goals in the mind while facing and dealing with several problems on hand. Learning this kind of technique or strategy will benefit the gamer.

Some of the negative effects and downsides of video games in the brain that should be given attention were as follows:


Studies reveal that those who are addicted to video games tend to achieve poor grades. They tend to fight a great deal with other people. Bad gaming habits are being developed leading to negative actions like skipping classes and not studying.

Exposure to violent content

The continuous playing of video games, especially the action ones, may trigger negative effect to the emotional and attentional regions of the brain. The violence showed and played repeatedly may diminish the emotional responses of a person towards violent and unwanted situations. This may lead to loss of empathy and aggressive behavior.

Poor Concentration

The person’s concentration is greatly affected by the attitude towards video games. Research shows that it can enhance concentration ability for short term only. But long term concentration is damaged with the regular playing of video games.

Increased Depression and Anxiety

Excessive playing of video games may increase the risk of depression and anxiety. This may also cause social phobias, especially in children. If not properly handled, the depression may lead to a more serious problem.

Sleep and vision problems

Playing video games may be addictive. The time required to play the game may increase as one increase in level. Challenges became more extreme that players didn’t want to stop until the level is finished. This leads to lack of rest and sleep that may affect the proper thinking of the person. Moreover, too much exposure to gadgets’ screen can cause vision problems and other eye complications.

The technological innovations have positively and negatively affected the lifestyle of most people. It is important to become aware of the pros and cons of these changes and innovations. Understand the different effects as it greatly affects the healthcare, wellness, and overall being of the person. Make sure that games being played are educational, reasonable, and beneficial. Be responsible and spread responsibility.

Ryan Varela is the CEO of Boost Health Insurance which provides customized and affordable health care plans for thousands of customers across the United States. 

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