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In ancient Greece, the proclaimed origin of “Democracy”, they had an incredible way of selecting public officials to serve in the government, and it was not by popular election.

As admitted recently in a “tell-all” book written by a United States congressman, the vast majority of his time, an estimated 75% or more, is spent on raising money and votes for re-election. Subsequently, this only leaves a few scraps of time leftover for actually doing the job he was hired to do. Additionally, and even more importantly than wasting precious limited work time, in the process of campaigning and fundraising for his prized position, political favors and promises are made which compromise the integrity of his pledge to represent the “people”, rather than the rich and highly influential corporations, the latter of whom are the only ones with enough wealth capable of helping a congressman, senator, or president, get elected in the first place, and to whom they are now indebted to favor above the people when it comes to “serving” them, through enacting laws which end up favoring the rich few, rather than the meager majority, thusly turning this alleged “democracy” into an undeniable “oligarchy”, the exact opposite thereof.

How did our “Democracy” get turned Upside-down?

The wise old Greeks had a very simple solution to make sure that “public officials” had no political favors to return for getting into their prized positions. Can you guess what it was . . . ?

There were no elections!

You might ask then, how were their representatives chosen?

By Lottery.

The same way a jury is still selected to this very day.

Surely, if it is fair for twelve citizens, chosen at random, to have power of life or death over a fellow countryman, and this is the very same methodology which the founders of “Democracy” used in selecting their “representatives” to best assure that there was no corruption, then this exact same technique can be used Today to assure that the governmental system is clean and free of “favor-returning” for attaining these highly coveted government positions.

A few simple rules could be set in place for eligibility for the lottery, such as an age minimum of twenty-five years, the necessity of being born in the territory of the United States, and no felony convictions in the last seven years. All citizens who meet these modest requirements would be automatically put into the lottery for congress, and if they are chosen, have the right to decline. From among the group of four hundred thirty-five representatives chosen at random, just as a jury is today, to represent the citizens of our nation, these lottery selectees would then nominate from among themselves, by popular vote within this group, three persons for the office of President. Once these three candidates were chosen, and after a public debate process, there would be a national general election by the citizens of America, choosing the President from among these three candidates by the majority of popular national vote, with the Vice Presidency going to the second place winner. Each candidate would be given equal funds from the public treasury with which to campaign, such as fifty million dollars, and television stations, plus newspapers, would be required to freely give each candidate equal time and space in the election process with which to express their positions.

A federal law could then be enacted to require that all positions of government, federal, state, county, and city, mayoral and governorship, be required to select themselves, by this same tried and true, and very fair method, of lottery. There could plainly be no purer or simpler way to assure that the “people” were actually being represented by the people than to choose such persons by lottery from among the People. There could also be a federal law enacted to set a term limit of ONE (five year) TERM, for any and all public offices. Thusly, a person could be sheriff once, major once, president once, with no need to repay favors for their election or re-election, as they were chosen at random, just like a jury, and would now be free to follow their conscious, rather than reimbursing favors to the influential rich minority who got them elected, in a system that is supposed to represent the common majority instead.

Voila! Problem solved.

I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

Just click on the Youtube Link Below to watch . . .

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