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by Dr. Susan Berry4 May 2018141

Homeschooling families on both coasts of the United States say they are being blamed by state bureaucrats attempting to burden them with intrusive regulations following the failure of government agencies and public schools to protect children from serious child abuse.

In California, nearly a thousand homeschooling parents traveled to attend a legislative committee hearing in Sacramento to defeat a bill that sought first to mandate fire inspections of their homes and then to demand private information about the names and addresses of homeschooling families.

The bill was proposed following the horrific case of the Turpin parents who said they were homeschooling their children when all the while they were torturing and starving them.

As reported, Assemblyman Jose Medina, a Democrat, said he wrote the bill because of the Turpin case.

“When the Turpin case happened,” Medina said, “I, like many others in my district … looked in the law, looked for what may have been able to be done to avoid that incident.”

Republican Kevin Kiley, however, said using the Turpin case to create law was not good policy.

“That is an extreme outlier case,” he asserted. “Any data set will have extreme outlier cases.”

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