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Presidential Race Remains Dead Heat

“Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?!”

With the first presidential debate just around the corner recent data from Ad Age indicates Hillary Clinton has outspent Donald Trump by about 3,300 percent for television and radio ads. Yet she has almost nothing to show for it. Most recent polling now indicates the race is a virtual dead heat in battleground states.

This despite the fact that major news media have provided very negative coverage of the Trump campaign (essentially subsidized partisan advocacy) and an overwhelming majority of deeply monied interests are supporting the Democratic candidate.

Undeniable health problems and a long record of political corruption and graft have haunted Clinton. Still, she acts as if she has a holy writ on the White House, and has expressed tremendous frustration at the fact that her huge campaign coffers haven’t translated to any significant advantage.

The video below presents many of Clinton’s attack ads in succession for which she has laid out tens of millions over the past few months. Of course, the major media outlets, most of which support Clinton through the editorial bias against Trump profit handsomely from selling time and “news hole” to the Democratic campaign.

Trump’s most recent ad (below) is titled, “Movement.” “The ad is intended to ride the wave of enthusiasm the Republican nominee has gained in the last few weeks and solidify his support among voters,” the Daily Caller reports.

Many other ads produced by the Trump campaign since August have largely depending on exposure on YouTube and other social media.

Given eight years of Bubba Clinton in the nineties and another sixteen of Bush Jr. and Obama, the American public has witnessed NAFTA, the Telecomm Act, the rise of fraudulent crony high finance, 9/11, the War on “Terror,” Obama’s “humanitarian” War on Terror, accompanied by intensified false flag rent-a-mob and “active shooter” terror, falsified economic figures and a phony economic recovery. Many people may thus be asking themselves what Trump suggested to black voters in August: “What have you got to lose?

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