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(ANTIMEDIA) It’s been a long time since we saw Hillary Clinton’s face in the news consistently. A lot of people assumed — and a lot Democrats hoped — that Clinton would stay in hiding. Unfortunately for almost everybody, she appeared back in the spotlight on Tuesday. Clinton gave an interview to CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour at a women’s conference in New York.

In some respects, Clinton presented a strong message. She declared herself part of the resistance. However, in a moment that had Democrats everywhere groaning, the former secretary of state also blamed her 2016 defeat on the “last ten days of the election.” While she did say that she takes “absolute responsibility,” she quickly veered from that message and blamed both the WikiLeaks attacks and James Comey’s letter mentioning that she was under investigation.

While there is a lot of truth to her statements, many Democrats are eager to see a new and more evolved party. It’s impossible to say what the outcome of the election would have been had it not been for the WikiLeaks scandal, but Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo has since branded WikiLeaks as “a hostile intelligence service.” Comey’s letter, which was released only ten days before the election, was completely absurd, considering he stated in March that the FBI was investigating ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia as far back as last July.

Nevertheless, throughout the interview, Clinton seemed to shift the blame from herself to the outlying circumstances in the final stretch of the election. Clinton is now writing a book of her own to detail the 2016 election, and it’s very unlikely that her manuscript will read anything like Shattered, which came out in late April and placed the blame directly on Clinton herself.

Clinton also didn’t shy away from talking about Trump. When it was pointed out that Trump would likely tweet about the interview, she responded, “Fine, better than the interfering in foreign affairs…if he wants to tweet about me than I am happy to be the diversion.” This was a direct contrast to President Obama’s first public appearance since leaving office, when he pointedly refused to talk about President Trump.

What comes next for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is anybody’s guess. For the last decade, she has essentially been running for the Oval Office. However, she wasn’t a successful candidate. Bernie Sanders voters saw her as too “mainstream,” and Trump voters had a litany of reasons not to cast their vote for Clinton, making it doubtful her insistence that external factors cost her the election will change anyone’s mind.

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