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Hillary hacked (up) the election

By Jon Rappoport

Made relatively few personal appearances. Spouted empty generalities. Collapsed after 9/11 Memorial. Ignored jobless states. Never spoke out against Globalists (being one herself). Used her Foundation to collect billions in pay-for-play schemes. Broke federal law with her personal email server. Thought she was divinely entitled to occupy the Oval Office. Read the NY Times (whose writers kept claiming she was way ahead in the race). Couldn’t sway significant number of voters outside New York and California. Destroyed Libya. Lied about Benghazi. Remained silent about scandalous content in leaked emails. Is still married to Bill. Giggled about defending rapist of young girl.

And she now claims all these factors=Russia hacked the election.

Which is like saying a 20-car pileup on the I-5 was caused by a hippopotamus living under the surface of Mars.

Other than that, she was perfect.

In the language of pop psychology, the entirety of major media are her enablers. And they’re going down, as they fabricate more and more unhinged tales about the election.

It’s like this: a farmer’s young boy plays with matches and burns down the barn. Cops, fire fighters, paramedics, ad reporters gather at the scene. The boy is standing there with singed hair, more packs of matches in his pockets, and a print-out of instructions on how to set fire to structures. Everyone is talking about a mysterious arsonist who most certainly walked on to the property, torched the barn, and walked away.

Don’t count Hillary out. She’ll spend the next four years at a Swiss longevity clinic with Huma and make another run in 2020. Her campaign theme will be “unity.”

The media have a serious case of red-ass. They have to blame somebody for their ineptitude, bias, and lack of professionalism. They coached the losing team. They sacrificed every shred of their (pretended) objectivity and bet the house on Hillary. They had no idea how to deal with Trump.

The hard political Left are poor losers. They have a long history of being losers. They’ve made it a virtue, and they call it socialism and Globalism. “Hey, let’s face it. We’re a bunch of losers. Let’s elevate that into a system that will give everybody everything for nothing. Let’s make that into a winner. It’s our only option. We’ll call it universal love. And we privileged ones, among the losers, can parlay our act into million-dollar homes and fat bank accounts. That’s our political philosophy.”

In the process, their leaders align themselves with the hard political Right, who want endless wars of Empire.

If there’s a shred of a thread of a whisper of a possibility that the fast-talking hustler cowboy Trump won’t pursue such wars, he must go away, no matter how. Because what makes America great is conquest and creating endless enemies.

And anyway, shoulda coulda woulda Hillary is the first uncrowned female president of the United States, and she stands as a symbol of hope for women everywhere, about whom she cares as much as the hippopotamus living under the surface of Mars cares about the 20-car pileup on the I-5.

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