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Look out! The machines have become self-aware and want to destroy humanity. It’s like The Terminator andThe Matrix all wrapped up in a horrible extinction-event apocalypse. Hillary Clinton, who never lies or exaggerates, warns us that guns are committing crimes in NYC. Not that criminals with guns are committing crimes, but rather just the guns. It is time to panic.

Part of Hillary’s ridiculous strategy to beat a socialist kook for the democratic nomination is to portray anti-gun Bernie Sanders as a gun rights champion. To be clear, Sanders has D-minus rating from the NRA and wants to ban “assault rifles.” He’s not pro-gun by any stretch of the imagination.

Hillary however has a vivid imagination, and that’s a nice way of saying she is completely full of shit. At a campaign event in New York on Monday, Hillary took her misrepresentation of Sanders’ record on guns to a new low. She actually tried to blame him for the crime in NYC.

Sanders is a Senator from Vermont and Hillary said that most illegal guns in NYC come from his state. The implication is that because Sanders is soft on guns, NYC is getting flooded with crime guns from Vermont. It’s a total lie, but since when has Hillary ever cared about the truth?

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