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(INTELLIHUB) — Nonchalantly embedded into the source code of the official website is a coded message presumably intended for computer hackers to see.

The message, possibly cryptic, calls for anyone savvy enough to view it to “join” the “hackathon” and to “git out and vote (with the word git misspelled).

The message appears as follows on lines 1 through 13 of the source code:


Additionally the following web address is listed within the source code which links to a page showing “current job openings for the “tech team” at “Hillary for America”:

tech team hillary

While a hackathon may be legitimate in certain circles, some, like myself, feel that the Clinton Campaign may actually be calling for what is known as wargame hacking to help Hillary sway the election her way.

Moreover the Obama Administration is currently working on a plan to give the Department of Homeland Security full control to oversee and secure the entire electronic side of the upcoming Presidential General Election in November due to several proclaimed hacks.

The plan is nothing more than a bold Orwellian push to further take control over the American people, passing the helm to the Establishment, by commandeering critical infrastructure which secures elections in various states, thus putting them all under one blanket that will be controlled by only DHS.

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