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Here's a 3-Part Blueprint For the Planned Domination Of Humanity With Viable Solutions | blueprint-3part | Faith Globalism Government Control New World Order Sleuth Journal Society World News

The ruling elite want to dominate humanity forever. Using the tools at their disposal they’ve created a long sought out plan to achieve what they hope to be endless unchallenged power over the rest of the human species on earth. At this point in human history the goal which the ruling elite have for power and control is no secret. Why? Because the very same technology they are using to enslave us is also a great tool to use to expose their agenda and who they are.

What I described above is the usual “problem”. We in alternative media are experts at exposing the problems we have. But how about solutions? Before we get into solutions let’s dig deeper and demonstrate how at a larger scale the 3 major monotheistic religions that dominate this world all pose a threat to the globalist new world order plans, and subsequently these 3 groups have been set up to be attacked in a sophisticated well organized manner so as to not only divide humanity permanently but to suppress the voices of all those who have beliefs that threaten the finalization of the ruling elite’s global order.

For simplicity let’s list the globalist action plan here.

Task: Dominate humanity in the 21st century and beyond

Strategy: Divide humanity first into helpless segments devoid of values and beliefs and then condition them to permanently accept their enslavement.

Some implementation strategies:

1Destruction of cultural values through various forms of education and social engineering.

2- Destruction of all longstanding conservative values, religious beliefs and tenets and implementation of moral relativity.

3- Destruction of all nation states that oppose the new world order plans and its banking systems.

4- Destruction of all forms of privacy and free speech to facilitate a global control grid.

5- Financially destroy the middle class and create a society that is financially government-dependent.

This list could be a lot longer like the planned poisoning of humanity in various ways (chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs etc) to achieve depopulation and much more. Above I’ve highlighted in bold items #1 and #2 because this is what I want to talk about today. Let’s talk about how the ruling elite have implemented 3 key strategies to persecute, divide and ultimately destroy the 3 major religions that pose the biggest threat to the secular new global order. Oddly, this is a topic rarely talked about even though the notion of religions versus politics has been a source of war, persecution, death and destruction since the beginning of time.

The way to divide the 3 major religions that pose the greatest threat to the new world order and which all come with traditions and deep rooted cultural values is to fund and facilitate a separate movement to go after each one individually. In the end all three of these major religions are ultimately demonized and the plan to eventually neutralize and or remove these religions out of the way is set in slow motion.

As you read on you will notice many of the steps to go after these 3 major religions are already well underway. All three of these religions already have a long history of persecution so none of them are new to this. The goal here is to show everyone the big picture as to how the ruling elite have created this triad of persecution so that they (the secular ruling elite) can have their global order without having to deal with the usual opposition that might come from those with strong religious conviction. We all know how badly religions have fared throughout history when they posed a threat to the ruling establishment at the time, whether the rulers were other competing religions or not.

#1 Planned Destruction Of Islam

So let’s begin with religion number one, Islam. Islam like any religion has their beliefs, in this case taken from the Koran. Obviously how someone interprets Islamic teachings may differ, but most Muslims around the world do not believe in or practice violence and oppression of others. Most will tell you this is based on misinterpretation of the Koran and radical fanaticism as we have seen in many religions throughout history.

Today however, we are all familiar with the Islamic faith and how it is perceived by those in power today here in the United States. Think “Bin Laden” and “al Qaeda” and need I say any more? Since at least the late 70’s the globalists were working on the “Islamic terrorism” narrative. Many point to Operation Gladio B as a signature operation starting around that time leading to today’s entire “terrorism” narrative which blames Islam for senseless violence. This narrative would ultimately prove to be the perfect weapon against all Muslims worldwide. It’s no wonder that practically all Muslim so called terrorism traces back to the US (think Zbigniew Brzezinski ) who created the idea in the first place arming and then training fighters with the help of then CIA operative Bin Laden or should I say “Tim Osmond” in what would later be referred to as “al Qaeda” fighters in Afghanistan in the late 70’s and beyond.

What was the end result of all of this co-opting of the Muslim religion to foster division hatred, then arming and radicalizing them? A priceless enemy that can be easily demonized before the world and used to create endless enemies and thus endless wars. (Think 9/11, al Qaeda, ISIS, endless war on terror, etc). That is more than enough reason to destroy the Islamic faith and baptize it in the blood of terrorism. Islam will never recover from this Gladio B invasion that the likes of Brezinski conjured up in the 70’s and today it is not unusual to here an American particularly a conservative Christian or Republican say or believe that all Muslims are suspected terrorist. The Islam brand is politically tarnished in perfect alignment with the new world order plans.

#2 Planned Destruction Of Christianity

Christianity on the other hand has been under attack by the Left wing Liberal “progressives” for some time. As it is with almost all Left wing Liberal issues at the root of this agenda is the Communist (now better known as the globalist) agenda to undermine Christianity, conservative and family values and ultimately things like the Constitution and rule of law here in America.

Substituted in place of Christian values is Cultural Marxism, moral relativity and subjectivism, lawlessness and new “politically correct” rules that allows these “social justice warriors” to redefine what natural law is all about, what is right and what is wrong and thus what a crime is, what is considered “harassment” and what is an act of violence. This process of redefining terms is just the tip of the iceberg for the Liberal Left who are now spearheading the new world order agenda as I’ve discussed many times in the past. This is the reason why today Christians and conservatives are accused of “hating” gays and lesbians instead of acknowledging that condemnation of the LGBT lifestyle is embedded in most cultures and particularly Christianity which is based on Bible scriptures.

This is also why Obama, the ultimate deceiver and hater of Christian values, went out of his way to use the US Educational system as a brainwashing tool for the children over the past 8 years unnecessarily exposing innocent children to bizarre sexual topics and other topics that undermine family traditional values.

But of course it doesn’t end there. We witnessed over the past 8 years of Obama how anyone with conservative values who believes in the Constitution, freedom and especially the 2nd Amendment was persecuted, spied on and with every chance the establishment got was even labeled as “domestic terrorists” (think Bundy Ranch Patriots). We can see clearly today that the conservative Constitution and freedom loving Patriot with Christian traditional values is a major threat to the new world order and the selected arch enemy of this group is the Liberal Left. This hatred and demonization of Conservatives is only intensifying and the worse is yet to come.

#3 Planned Destruction Of Judaism

Finally there is Judaism. Now you may be asking, who is against Jews and who is against Judaism so much that it warrants mentioning in this article? And you may be wondering how and why is Judaism a threat to the new world order? Actually this segment is probably the most important of the three because it’s the one that gets the least amount of attention and is the topic truth seekers, freedom lovers and alternative media followers have the least knowledge about and thus talks about the least. That’s because most people probably don’t understand what Judaism is about and what it means to be Jewish. Even more so, especially in the alternative media which is so dominated by disinformation trolls and Jew haters there is even less understanding what Zionism is about. We’ll get to Zionism shortly but first let’s examine a few important facts about Judaism, one of the oldest religions in the world.

Today there are about 14-15 million Jews worldwide depending on where you research this. And the breakdown of Jewish sects is about 38% Reform Judaism, 33% Conservative Judaism and 22% Orthodox Judaism to round out the top 3 sects. Together that’s over 83% of Jews worldwide that share some kind of values based on Judaism. The most liberal of these is the Reform Jews and even this sect “observe moral law” and “emphasize personal connection to Jewish tradition”. Meaning that most Jews observe strong traditions related to their culture and religion which are based on morality, commitment to the teachings of the Torah and or traditional Jewish law. Can you see how this can be a problem for the new world order?

But then there is Zionism. To explain the role of Zionism I came across a comment from Arthur Weiss who has lived in Israel. I thought his explanation of Zionism is very interesting and will allow us to move forward more easily. I’ve highlighted in bold the most meaningful sections. The question was posed:

What percentage of Jews living in Israel do not believe in Zionism? What about those living in the United States?

Before answering this question you have to answer two things:
1) What is Zionism
2) What does it mean to be a Jew

Zionism can have multiple definitions – from a belief that Israel is the Jewish National homeland, to the right of Jews to self-determine their own fate in their own country, to a wish for a theocracy under the leadership of the Messiah in the land of Israel. Most definitions work on the assumption that Jews are a separate nation – and that Judaism is more than a religion unlike Christianity. Thus, although a Jew may be born in England or America, they have both aspects i.e. they are an English Jew or an American Jew rather than an Englishman or American who practices Judaism as their religion.

Not all Jews are religious or practicing in their Judaism. Some were born Jewish but apart from that, don’t identify with anything Jewish at all. They may be anti-Zionist as a way of stressing that they want nothing to do with being Jewish – and as support for Israel is one of the last aspects of being Jewish that remains after all the ritualistic, religious aspects are discarded, this is one way to show how ‘non-Jewish’ they are. That is a reason why some left-wing secular Jews claim not to be Zionist. It’s a way of emphasizing their rejection of Judaism and their Jewish backgrounds.

Some Jews are extremely religious and view Zionism as a secular political movement and so define themselves as anti-Zionist. They reject the secular nature of Israel. At the same time, such Jews will pray every day – several times – for a return to the land of Israel, for the Jewish sovereignty in the land, and for the rebuilding of the Temple on the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Groups such as Neturei Karta that are virulently anti-Zionist fall in this category. Such religious anti-Zionist Jews want Israel to be theocracy and believe that Israel should only exist as a sovereign nation when the Messiah comes. Some go a step further and say that the existence of Israel is preventing this – and so want Israel to be destroyed so that it can be recreated in the form they want under the leadership of the Messiah.

The point of this is that the VAST majority of Jews globally are Zionist in that they want a Jewish State in the land of Israel. Where they differ is in the nature of that State – secular or religious.

The majority of non-religious Jews also want a Jewish state in Israel or are against the idea of there not being one. They may see Zionism as active support for the government of Israel and so may reject Zionism, as defined by this. However they still support Israel’s existence as a Jewish state – even if they say they are non-Zionist because they don’t support Israel’s current government. (They will view a Zionist as somebody who is totally uncritical on Israel and its policies – and hence define themselves as non-Zionist, even though they support Israel and the Jewish rule there).

A small minority of non-religious Jews are genuinely anti-Zionist – as discussed – as a way of demonstrating their rejection of Judaism (or all religions).

Thus if you define Zionism as support for Israel and/or the wish for there to be Jewish sovereignty of Israel, then over 99% of Jews are Zionists.

If you define Zionism as support of the current government of Israel and all its decisions, then a much smaller percentage (but still, at a guess over 50%) are Zionist.

If you define Zionism as support for the “greater Israel” movement and in favor of settlements throughout Israel and including the territories occupied in 1967, plus limits on the rights of non-Jews (including Arabs), etc. then a VERY VERY small percentage of Jews both in Israel and outside Israel will support this. The problem is that too many people who do not understand the Jewish connection to Zionism see this as a definition of Zionism and then mention all the Jews they know who don’t support this – and then claim most Jews aren’t Zionist, and that you can be a practicing Jew without being Zionist.

I posted this comment to demonstrate that if this writer is correct then practically the entire alternative media including myself have for the most part been using the term “Zionism” in a different way that most Jews themselves use it. We already discussed the various major sects of Judaism but this issue of Zionism is a political issue which depending on how you define Zionism in your mind either most Jews or a very small percentage of them endorse.

Example, if Zionism is defined as Jews that want and feel they deserve a homeland then yes, most Jews are Zionist as this writer implies. But if we define it in the context of Oded Yinon’s paper “The greater Israel” calling for violent regional domination or in the context of the corrupt Israeli involvement in US crimes (think 9/11), the endless war on terror, NATO operations etc, then most Jews even the ones living in Israel are NOT Zionists. This semantics difference it turns out is just the tip of the iceberg.

We know Zionist criminals (think Mossad) have been terrorizing nations in their region for years perfectly in line with the Zionist Greater Israel plan. And just like the US Military Industrial Complex, the Bush Clinton Obama Neocons which are now taking over the Trump administration, the CIA and the deep state working with criminal elements in other nations, all of these elements together make up the global deep state. As a whole these elements want to create a global order and when it’s all said and done ALL religions ESPECIALLY those who are committed to traditional scriptures whether it be the Bible, the Koran or the Torah will be a threat to the new global order.

For this reason the ruling elite have devised a plan for each of these monotheistic religions. And by the way, monotheistic religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism are a problem for the new world order because those who follow these religions won’t accept any other God. There is a reason why these 3 religions have suffered horrific persecution throughout history, but I digress.

The weapon devised against Judaism are at least two-fold. One is the undermining of traditional values just like the globalist did in their attack against Christianity and conservative values here in the US. Similarly, the secularization of Judaism has been one major way to attack Judaism and the Jews though most don’t realize this. In other words “secularization” was to Judaism what “radicalization” was to Islam. The Jews also have been bamboozled and bombarded with political propaganda dating back to the creation of the Israeli state following WW2. They too are dealing with a police state, fake news, government surveillance and everything we have going on in the US. Yet most who attack Jews fail to see this.

The other important war being waged against Judaism is the demonization of all Jews by what I call the “blame Israel” psyop movement that I have been exposing for years now. This movement is very real and it lives inside of the alternative media. We all see the relentless and endless trolling comments on every article and video posted on alternative media blaming the Jews for everything wrong in the world even in topics that have nothing to do with Israel. I’ve been warning truth seekers for years that I believe this is an organized intelligence movement and I have a lot of reasons to believe this.

The original goal of the “blame everything on Israel” movement which rose during the early years of the 9/11 truth movement was to take advantage of the known Israeli involvement in 9/11 and use it to put a huge symbolic swastika on the 9/11 Truth movement so that Jews around the world who would otherwise look into 9/11 Truth would instead not even look into 9/11 thinking it was just another anti-Semitic movement. I’m sure the strategy worked to some degree and the movement took off from there.

Today the movement serves as a perfect tool to not only attack someone for being Jewish by confusing criminal Zionism with being Jewish but it is also a perfect tool to use to defend Obama crimes, defend the Liberal Left agenda, push the blame of 9/11 away from Cheney, Rumsfeld, the US military, the FBI, the Bush Neocons and the rest of the criminals involved and instead divert the blame to Israel. The movement was also used last year to block awareness of the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary, Podesta, vault 7, the deep state coup d’etat and much more. The online trolls pushing the “blame Israel for everything” psyop were quick to say that Julian Assange and Wikileaks is really “Mossad” and even that Trump is “working for Israel”. Even when it was revealed in 2014 and 2015 that the Islamic State or ISIS had been created by the US and trained by the CIA in Jordan the “blame Israel” trolls were right there to tell us that ISIS really stands for ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”. Remember that one? If it was just about blaming the political government of Israel like it is with all other nations that commit crimes it would be understandable and even justified. But for some reason it never ends there. Jews are almost always ultimately to blame for crimes committed by Israel.

The point is that all three of these religions and cultures (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) have been targeted for attack by the ruling elite and the attacks are not going away ever because the globalists never give up. So all we can do is make people aware of these existing larger agendas and paradigms at play as we speak.

Of the three groups Muslims face the most severe clear and present danger, the Christians are already feeling the heat after 8 years of Obama, the unleashing of ISIS terrorists against Christians and the rise of the cry bully children of the new world order making America an increasingly more dangerous world for Christians and Conservatives. Lastly Jews all around the world are being blamed for all the above in an underground online world that takes the actions of the criminal Zionist elements of the global deep state and blaming these actions on all Jews. The precondition for the persecution of all Jews is very much being laid down and that is because the globalist, I believe when the time is right, will eventually persecute all Jews especially those who hold on to the teachings of the Torah and traditional values, and like the Christians and the Muslims anyone who doesn’t bow to the state will be eliminated.

I believe the ruling elite know that the order of persecution is crucial to the success of their agenda. The Jews will be last, the Muslims are in the middle of their own holocaust and the Christians also are now realizing what is happening worldwide to them.

This my friends is how you divide humanity. You destroy all values by secularizing, radicalizing and demonizing the religions that pose a threat. You remove the long standing traditional values, faith-based beliefs and the spiritual and deep rooted elements that form the fabric of that culture and then you go after the rest of the people.


As I said at the beginning of this article, we in the alternative media are good at pointing out problems. Now we know the problem with regard to how the ruling elite are shutting down humanity and how the key monotheistic religions of the world are a major threat to their plan. So what solutions are there knowing what we know now?

1- Share knowledge about these religions– Increase your knowledge and history of Judaism, Islam and Christianity as well and understand the history of those who oppose them as already discussed. Become familiar with the various agendas to destroy these 3 major religions as well as the values and beliefs they hold. Consider all arguments and dig deep until you get to the truth. Remember, most people mean well and the criminal element on this planet is a minority not a majority. Realize that the ruling elite built their theories about humanity long ago based on Freudian-like theories which suggested that humans are inherently evil. Deceptive theories such as these which disregard a good loving and nurturing upbringing facilitate, education, faith and positivity call for big authoritarian government to control the “evil” people by necessity.

Ironically, now that Trump has signed an Executive Order preventing the IRS from punishing religious organizations for taking political stances hopefully more religious leaders will take an open and strong stance on what is right and what is wrong. Hopefully more religious leaders will also call out government corruption for what it is. Only time will tell.

2- Stop technocracy– Without stopping this mad push for technology I believe humanity is headed toward extinction. We are now on a suicide path to destruction if we don’t stop inventing and improving and allowing these robots and artificial intelligence to take over our lives. We must begin to realize that aside from a few conveniences robots do not enhance our lives they only make it easier for corporations to make more profits and allow government to spy on you.

In order to take action against runaway technology it must begin with you. I also believe that everyone must begin the change by taking a good look at their smart phone and making a commitment to getting rid of it. Reconstruct your new life around not having a smart phone. Even if you don’t do it today. Pick a day, maybe New Years Day. Whenever it is, I believe we will ALL have to come to this point. Once you do this then pick the next item. Make a conscious commitment to returning your life to some form of electronic normality.

3- Rediscover humanity– We must rediscover who we are as human beings. Humans were never meant to be wearing electronics, texting 24/7 or holding a phone to your head every day. We were not meant to have smart appliances running our lives. We are meant to socialize, to meet in person, to commune together. Let’s not give this up. Rediscover traditional values and stop listening to the Liberal Left lunatics who feel everything must change for the sake of change itself.

4- Protect your child’s education and health– Take care of your children yourself because they are the future. Protect your child’s mental and physical health. Don’t give them over to the Medical Industrial Complex or the Board of Education. Instead take control and nurture their health because this is your duty as a parent.

5- Commit to small government– Support small municipal or community actions and take actions at small levels with neighbors, family or friends. We must focus on taking back some level of government at the smallest possible level. Make a list of things in your personal life and share this with others. This is what I’m doing here in LA.

Try to rediscover and appreciate the concept of small government versus big government, small businesses versus big businesses and ask yourself what can you do to facilitate freedom and liberty. Do your part to bring back freedom and stop relying on a President to do it for you.

6- Support alternative media– I/we need your help. If you made it this far and you are still reading this article it’s because you care. Help me/us survive to continue sharing articles, videos and solutions. All of this takes time and effort. Support the websites that share this article because they too need help to continue doing what they are doing.

Hopefully the awareness and understanding that is being shared worldwide will trigger more and more individual action which will trigger other events and actions and eventually more good things will continue to develop. Remember that we are in a time continuum and usually nothing happens overnight and all victories and loses are temporary. We have already seen incredible revelations and developments over the past 6-12 months that blow our minds. Let’s keep taking it all in and continue sharing real news and most of all let’s not give up in our fight for freedom, liberty and Truth.

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