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Healthcare is dead, because John Mccain had some surgery. What the fuck?

Here I thought I was fixing to get some good and cheap insurance — to finance my future ailments. WRONG. I’ll just die in the gutters, penniless, after spending all of my money on expensive treatments and surgeries.

The Australian foreign minister joined Reebok and the litany of liberals, ‘taken aback’ by Trump’s compliment to France’s first lady. This is because liberals are genderless faggots, unable to conduct themselves as normal people within the human race.

Nigel Farage said Trump Jr. made a mistake by taking a meeting with the Russian lawyer, but quite literally ‘did nothing wrong.’

Former Trump campaign advisor and army veteran tells media and liberals to dial it down — someone is gonna get shot.

Lastly, CNN continues to get destroyed, one meme at a time. This one is the infield triple edition, top shelf stuff.

Lastly, in recognition of tonight’s Game of Thrones season premiere, I give you Donald Trump, the Game of Thrones edition.

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