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From Stewart Rhodes:

This statement by USA Today made me laugh:

Today, June 14, is Flag Day — a celebration of the American flag at a time when few can agree on how to properly respect it.

The flag has grown unusually political over the last year: President Trump has frequently expounded on the need to “stand proudly for the national anthem,” condemning NFL players who choose to kneel in protest. To some, the flag stands for the freedom of open expression; to others, it represents the sacrifice of military service.

“When few can agree on how to properly respect it?”   Balderdash!  Millions of Americans,the vast majority of millions, 99.99%, agree completely on how to properly respect it – Don’t let it hit the ground, stand and salute/put hand over heart when it is presented, and likewise stand the F – up and turn toward the flag, hand on heart or while saluting (if you are a veteran) when the National Anthem is sung.   No mystery or complicated discussion needed for us.  We the people agree overwhelmingly on how to properly respect it. It is only a tiny minority of radical communists and their fellow-traveler “activists” and a tiny group of spoiled, rich athletes, who don’t agree with the rest of us on how to properly respect it, because they DON’T respect it.  It’s not a mystery.

Those who actually respect the flag know perfectly well how to “properly” do that.   Those who don’t respect it show by their actions their contempt for their own country and its flag.   Leave it to a leftist rag like the USA Today to try to make it sound like we are all stumbling around today, scratching our heads in bewilderment on how to properly respect the flag, and having heartfelt discussions expressing dismay at our inability to agree.   Roll eyes.   They live in a fairy-tale land of their own little far left bubbles.  Out here in the real world, the average American knows exactly how to respect the flag, as is clear at every high school sporting event, every parade, every other public event or gathering where the flag is flown and the anthem sung.   Long may it wave.

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