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By Activist Post

Activist Post’s own intrepid chemtrail and geoengineering researcher Peter Kirby recently sat down with Jeff Weltanschauung of On the Brink Radio to discus the history of the theory of man-made global warming. Sorry, but we refused the memo about changing the rhetoric to ‘climate change.’ 955929331

This interview is partly based on Kirby’s 2017 article “Can We Survive Technology? The Origin of SRM Geoengineering and the Modern Theory of Man-made Global Warming.”

As seen in the interview, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has an extensive history of creating the perception that man’s emissions of atmospheric carbon are a big problem and that we all need to do something about it. The CIA and the geoengineers say that spraying stuff out of airplanes high in the sky might be a good idea. They admit to no knowledge of it currently taking place, but former Director Brennan had an epiphany the other day and he now thinks that it might be good. Isn’t it just an amazing coincidence that the theory of man-made global warming has its roots in weather modification, the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geoengineering thesis, and the CIA, but this so-called ‘intelligence’ agency has no knowledge of the fleets of giant aircraft flying overhead on a daily basis dumping megatons of toxic waste into our atmosphere? It’s more than a coincidence. Evidence suggests that the CIA is the day-to-day, hands-on manager of the ENTIRE PROJECT.

Please sit back and enjoy an hour of honest, truthful discussion about: why the theory of man-made global warming is false, why it is so important to the establishment, the origins of the theory, how it is used as a justification for geophysical warfare, and the CIA’s involvement in promoting it. The real story here needs to be told, so please share this information far and wide. Thank you.

Jeff is an artist/writer/musician/ photographer/film-maker with a background in mutli-disciplinary science. He is an investigative researcher and host of ‘On the Brink’ Radio ( since 2012. His main foci are the psychology of mass-communication, understanding the whales, dolphins, and health of Mother Ocean, and the attenuation of humanity’s war on life and Mother Earth.

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