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They say “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” but we’re not so sure that applies to this particular election cycle.  Per a recent Gallup daily tracking poll, media coverage of Trump has consistently been more “impactful” on American voters than coverage of Hillary.  That said, voter “awareness” of each candidate’s media coverage only seems to spike around negative events which likely just implies that Trump is consistently more controversial…at least in a way that makes an impact on voters.  Certainly, one could make the argument that the various scandals surrounding Hillary are far more serious given the potential violation of numerous federal laws (which we’ve argued frequently), but so long as the main stream media continues to run cover and the American electorate continues to not care, we suspect the “seriousness” of Hillary’s scandals will continue to simply not matter.

As illustrated in the chart below, the American electorate seems to only absorb the sensationalized events of the presidential election coverage.  For example, awareness of Hillary’s coverage spiked to 84% back in mid-September when the whole world became fascinated with her sudden onset pneumonia.  Meanwhile, awareness of Trump has spiked over the past week as he has continued to engage in a pro-longed squabble with the former Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, something tells us we’re about to see a whole new spike for The Donald as comments that he is “automatically attracted to beautiful women” and likes to “grab ’em by the pu$$y” are unlikely to fade from the mainstream media very quickly.


While we suspect the lineup below will shift meaningfully over the coming days, given Trump’s open mic mishap and Clinton’s latest email leak, up until now the media has spent most of their time calling for Trump’s tax returns while congratulating Hillary on her debate performance.


Meanwhile, the sad truth is that the policy initiatives of each of the candidates is basically meaningless as modern American presidential politics have effectively been reduced to a superficial popularity contest akin to a high school student government election.


And, last but not least, both Trump and Clinton remain two of the most unpopular candidates to seek the White House in American history. 


But at least the debate tomorrow night should be fun…time to grab your popcorn again…we suspect there could be some fireworks.

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