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Mainstream media fails to give sources as Trump-Russia narrative worsens

(INTELLIHUB) — Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie stood up to CNN’s fake news narrative Wednesday when he explained to morning news anchor Kate Bolduan that CNN needs to name their sources when it comes to the whole Trump-Russia fiasco.

Several CNN mouthpieces were discussing how President Trump allegedly shared classified information with Russia when Higbie was questioned by CNN’s Bolduan.

“I’ve been sitting here quietly listening to all this B.S. quite frankly. Did you listen to anything McMaster said today? Where he said, ‘I was in the room, that didn’t happen?’,” the Fmr SEAL responded. “You’re basing all of these allegations off of one or maybe two sources.Two former officials? Come out, name those people, then we’ll have something to talk about.”

Higbie said that these sources are just hiding behind their anonymity.

Bolduan fired back, “Oh, please! Please! Do not even start with me, that you’re just going to attack sources. That is ridiculous!”

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