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Federal Judge Gloria Navarro no longer acts as a Federal Judge—by her blatant disregard for the United States Constitution or the rights of the People, she has proclaimed herself Queen of her territory in Las Vegas Nevada. She considers herself, like a Queen, untouchable and unaccountable to laws or the Constitution that she swore an oath to uphold. Instead, she makes up her own laws, makes her own rules and violates and mocks the People attempting to defend themselves from corrupt federal employees. The massive list of Constitutional and legal violations in Queen Gloria Navarro’s court in Las Vegas, Nevada continue to grow on a daily basis. Particularly in the case of Cliven Bundy et al vs. United States of America.

The Peoples’ Constitutional Rights are not only being violated, the Peoples’ Rights are being mocked and disposed of by Gloria Navarro as if they are nothing more than suggestions from peasants. A court of Justice can only exist if all parties involved follow the Law. A judge is required to be an independent NEUTRAL entity in court. There is a reason Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold—she’s not supposed to know who is before her, just the facts. Queen Gloria Navarro on the other hand, is openly deciding what is a fact and what rules to follow. She has obviously gotten away with violating the US Constitution and acting as Queen of her kingdom for so long, she no longer feels any guilt about violating and even mocking the People or their “Constitution” in her courtroom. It’s as if she’s challenging the People to “stop me if you can, ha ha ha, for I am Queen of all that I see.”

This list is just a few of the treasonous violations the People of the United States suffer from inside Queen Navarros’ Court. This is not Justice:

  1. Queen Navarro has forbidden The US Constitution to be visible in her court room. The only way she will allow the United States Constitution in the Queens courtroom, is if it’s disrespectfully turned backwards in the observers pockets. This is what Queen Navarro thinks about the Peoples’ Constitution.
  2. Defendant in the Queens’ Court, Todd Engel, has been denied by the Queen of his Constitutionally protected right to represent himself. Why would the Queen deny one of the People their Constitutional right to defend themselves? Because Todd asked an FBI agent on the stand if the top BLM agent in the Queens territory, Dan Love, was in fact under investigation for misconduct. That question alone, caused Queen Navarro to strip Todd of his Right to self represent. Even though the defense has a Constitutionally protected right to call the corrupt agent, Dan Love, to the stand, the Queen is over-ruling Constitutional law and has decided the agents testimony is too damaging to the Queens’ agent and therefor the agents’ testimony is not necessary for the jury to hear.
  3. The People have a Constitutionally protected right to face their accusers. However that is only allowed in Queen Navarros’ Court if it pleases the Queen.  FBI agent Adam Nixon took the stand and testified that he had obtained a warrant to search FBI Informant Greg Burleson’s Facebook page. Adam Nixon went through his paid informants Facebook page in Queen Navarros’ Court and NEVER mentioned he was colluding with Burleson in 2013 to create a false narrative that the Bundy’s were violent. The paid FBI informant was the only “defendant” who promoted violence and Queen Navarro did not allow any defense attorney to cross examine the Federal agent to get more information about Burleson’s time as a paid informant.
  4. Queen Navarro does not believe in the Peoples’ Constitutionally protected right to self defense or the Second Amendment. She does not believe the People have a right to point a weapon at any law enforcement ever, EVEN IF we believe we are going to be killed. The Queens’ position is that the People must submit to being shot by corrupt police officers. In fact, Queen Navarro has stated that if the People have a weapon in sight of a corrupt police officer they can be killed by the police officer if he/she so chooses.
  5. No where in the constitution does it regulate how many or what kind of witnesses can be called by the People. Yet Queen Navarro denied every defense witness they have attempted to call to the stand. On the first day of witnesses not a single one was allowed to take the stand by the Queen. Not only that but, the witnesses who are willing to testify are being threatened with arrest by the Queen’s federal agents. The corrupt federal agents claim this an “ongoing conspiracy”and they can indict more people any time they want. After giving the prosecution 7 weeks on the stand, the defense was not able to start their day with even one Queen approved witness. Family members who were first-hand eye witnesses, including the wives of the defendants, were denied their Constitutional Rights by the Queen for being ‘unprofessional or lay or political’ witnesses. The Queen wont allow them to discuss the cows being shot or their property being destroyed. The Queen wont allow a discussions about defendant Ammon Bundy being tazed, or defendant Dave Bundy being abused and arrested on the road for recording the activities of corrupt federal officials. The Queen won’t allow testimony about Margaret Houston being thrown to the ground and abused by corrupt federal agents. Queen Navarro won’t allow the defendants to discuss how scared they were of the unethical agents or anything that might show the jury how badly the agents acted. Queen Navarro also objects to any topic that might risk Jury Nullification.

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