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Update: The FBI’s Bill Sweeney said during a press conference announcing charges against Saipov that the bureau had located Kadirov, who was wanted for questioning in the atack.

“We found him – I’ll leave it at that,” he said.

* * *

In a surprising development that could undercut Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s insistence that there was “no evidence of a wider plot” in connection with last night’s grisly rampage in Lower Manhattan, the FBI is reportedly looking for information on a second man in connection with the attack that left eight people dead and nearly a dozen injured.

The bureau on Wednesday issued a poster saying it is seeking the public’s help with information about 32-year-old Uzbek Mukhammadzoir Kadirov. The poster doesn’t say why investigators want to know more about the man.



The poster says Kadirov was born in Uzbekistan, like 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, the suspected terrorist who drove a rented Home Depot truck down a bike lane on the West Side Highway running over pedestrians and cyclists before colliding with a school bus. aipov was charged Wednesday in a criminal complaint in the Tuesday afternoon attack that was the deadliest terror attack in NYC since 9/11.

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Meanwhile, the FBI is announcing charges against Saipov. Watch live below:



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