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How about Executive Order # WTF1001 as the next one.

********** We Are Being Farmed By The Pirates **********

~~~~~[ Attention Livestock! – Welcome To The Feed Lot ]~~~~~~

Day 101 – Part 1 – DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good

Day 101 – Part 2 – DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good

If this shit comes to your town or city you will want to keep your kids indoors after dark. ……. The spooks come out to eat raw livers in the wee hours of the morning. ………….. Teenage liver is a sought out delicacy by the DynCorpse ghouls and the Public Pirate Partnership of fools and chumps.

Look OUT! …………. Look UP! ……….. Look alive and pay attention.

Live Hard, Sometimes The Pirates Crop Dust Us Too With Chemtrails That Are Just Government Issued Water Vapor Jet Exhaust, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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