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from The Saker:

A day after I tried American food in the first time, I woke up covered in eczema, something I never had before. Thinking that I got infected with some horrible tropical disease during my flight, I went to see a doctor who explained to me that I had an allergic reaction to food and gave me some meds. The idea that one has to take meds to suppress immune system just to be able to eat poisonous food was bizarre to me. Any attempts to talk to other people about this were futile because they thought that it was weird that I found it bizarre. For them it was “natural” to take meds just to have a slice of bread with butter and a chocolate candy. The majority of Americans have food allergies, they were saying. It’s not food allergy, I remember suggesting. It’s a reaction to poisonous substances in your food. Turned out I didn’t know what I was talking about because as they informed me the American food was the best, cleanest and most healthiest in the world!

The first time in my life I encountered the Matrix, or the fog of false ideas and beliefs that the Western people, especially Americans mistake for the real world. In this case, they find it completely natural to eat toxic substances as food and to take medicine to keep their skin from falling off as the result of this toxicity.

I recall this every time I see statements about the American military being the best in the world.

These last two weeks we all got a thrilling opportunity to witness how the American political and military elites are literally undoing each other, and not in a good way. However, one thing  is to read about this on thesaker, and it’s a completely different story to hear the same statements coming from the horse’s mouth. The horse in this case is Rosa Brooks, a former senior advisor to Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy.  One of the Three Harpies who are about to conduct the next Hunger Games: “Hillary Clinton as President, Michele Flournoy as head of the Pentagon and – the most terrifying words in the English language — Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.”

Rosa Brooks just gave a birth to a book about the place of the US military in the country and in the world. The book is called  ‘ How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales From the Pentagon. It’s being  peddled by such neo-liberal war hawks like Lawfare Institute and Brookings.

The book is about, well…. everything, like ” security issues, piracy, military detention, strategic deafness about Africa, stability operations, drones, covert operations, cyber, nonlethal weapons, the militarization of foreign policy, and much more.”  

However, to us the most relevant is that Rosa Brooks outline in her book “the structure of national security decision-making on a day-to-day basis and the many offices of government and officials—far beyond simply the Department of Defense and a handful of intelligence agencies—involved in making them.”

That confirms my suspicions that the US military perform services for a multitude of the private institutions and persons, and that it,  in its essence,

is the very large mercenary armed formation that doesn’t have a unified command. In the US the relations of its armed forces and its civil authorities are marred by mistrust and misunderstandings at the senior levels of government.

Just one episode: “an account of dealing with a civilian counterpart on the National Security Council, for example, who simply called up one day asking—telling—the Pentagon to shift a surveillance drone platform from whatever it was doing for Central Command, to monitor political events in Kyrgyzstan bears reading in full (pp. 307-311). The NSC staffer evidently thought calling for shifting a surveillance drone and its support was something akin to ordering up a Big Mac; moreover, he seemed not to understand that neither he nor Rosa had the authority to order Central Command to do this.

Her experience illustrates that there are civilian officials who should (and need to) know better—not only clueless as to how the military works but also having a skewed understanding of what “civil-military relations” really is supposed to mean. And that’s just within the national security community of the executive branch; the gaps in understanding and trust are often even larger when extended to the whole of government.”

After proving beyond the reasonable doubts that the US military serves many masters, and being run by the multitudes of the independent “command centers,” Rosa Brooks went on stating that  Americans view the military “as the only reasonably well-functioning public institution we have these days [and,] as a result, Americans increasingly treat the military as an all-purpose tool for fixing anything that happens to be broken.”

This book actually puts the end of our argument about the extension of the Presidential executive power. The US president doesn’t make any decisions and doesn’t have any executive power when it comes to the US military, contrary to the US Constitution. This makes the US armed forces unconstitutional armed formation.

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