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In an effort to keep more Syrian migrants from flooding into Europe, the European Union (EU) is providing funding for a million debit cards for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Turkey is currently home to some 3 million Syrian migrants who have been prevented from traveling to Europe thanks to an accord between the EU and the Turkish government that went into effect last March.

Life in Turkey for many of the migrants is reportedly very harsh, and their presence has also placed an added economic burden on their host country. To combat both of these problems the EU has launched an ambitious aid program of more than $375 million, targeting a million of the neediest Syrians in Turkey.

The debit cards, called the Kizilay card (Turkish for “Red Crescent”), are meant to ease the economic burden on Syrian migrants as well as provide a substantial cash injection into the Turkish economy.

The cards can be used to buy virtually anything—food, medicine or clothing—or redeemed for cash. According to Red Crescent’s Director General Mehmet Gulluoglu, they will allow refugees living outside camps to spend or redeem up to 100 Turkish lira a month, or about $30 for each registered family member.

“They can pay their rents, pay their bills or for food, whatever they need,” Gulluoglu said. “Because it will be certain, it will be concrete and it will be regular support.”

Recipients for the card are being chosen based on need, according to EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Christos Stylianides.

“They will get monthly cash transfers to the card. And of course they will be able to buy what they need to put bread on the table for their families, to provide a roof for their families, to send their children to school instead of being forced to send them to work,” he said.

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