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Greetings to all readers of “Conspiracy Corner!

It is hard to believe that I wrote my first of seventy-eight “Conspiracy Corner” articles in August of 2013 and debuted my first of fifty Youtube channel’s “Conspiracy Corner News” episodes in September of 2015. As the four year mark approaches, I suppose my “term” as presiding manager of this Sleuth Journal column, as well as my “Jubilee” (50th) related Youtube episode, I cannot help to reflect on all that has happened in that time . . . a lot . . . and yet . . . not that much. “Wars and rumors of wars” (Matthew 24:6), along with “What has been will be again” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), is the “not much”, while my personal journey is, “a lot”.

I am fifty-two years of age, and I remember, as a ten year old, being completely bored with the news when it would come on television, instead being much more interested in “Sesame Street”. The marvelous thing is, that same boredom has miraculously returned! As an “alternative news” writer, I have found myself daily scouring these websites in hopes of finding something to delve into and expound on. Yet, as of late, all that I see is the same old “Wars and rumors of wars”, and an extremely painful, never ending redundancy, to have politics save the world . . . which it NEVER does.

“Civilization”, or the organization of societies with literature, law, and commerce, has been around for at least six thousand years, dating back to ancient Sumeria. As all technology goes from primitive to intricate, with an evermore advancement in proficiency and capability, you would think that “civilization” would do the same thing. Yet, the exact opposite is the case. As “civilization” means “civilized”, you could easily translate this meaning to be “Living at Peace with One Another”. Nevertheless, after six thousand years of practicing and perfecting “civilization” with the political process, more people died of war in the last one hundred years than in the five thousand nine hundred years which preceded it!

We are getting WORSE at political civilization, NOT better.

Every news program I listen to, regardless of being “Alternative” or “Mainstream”, the endless upon endless chatter is about how “this next election (or congressional vote), for sure” will solve the world’s problems.

What a complete waste of time.

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In an episode of the animated series “Futurama”, the robot character “Bender”, who constantly berates his human coworkers as “mortal meat-bags”, boasting that he is immortal because if his body is destroyed his memory cartridge can simply be inserted into a new one, discovers that his early model came without a memory cartridge, thus he too is mortal. “How long have I got!?”, he frantically asked his owner. “Perhaps only a million years”, came the reply. “That’s it!”, Bender quipped back in horror and disappointment. Then he went on to say . . .

“Anything less than immortality,

is a complete waste of time.”

Right, he is.

For even a million years . . . eventually comes to an end.

All of the scheming of you and I, of Trump and Clinton, of Obama and Bush, will come to . . . NOTHING. The ONLY thing that matters is . . .


Because “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), the only difference between us and them, is whether or not we have repented of our sinful ways or continue in them to death, after which, there is either Eternal life or Eternal death. There really is no hell, otherwise those therein would have also received the gift of Eternal Life, which only a few will find”, theirs would just be an unpleasant one. Rather, they are “burned up”, once, like trash, where the “smoke” (consequences) lasts forever.

God is not a torturer. For those who refuse to repent of sin, they simply remain dead for all time, like a bug which is stepped on, whereas those who turn to God through repentance, grace having covered the rest, are resurrected into Eternal Life . . . millions upon trillions of years . . . and still more to come . . . NEVER ending. Seeing how we all will die and all of our earthly projects will pass away, the ONLY thing worth pursuing is . . . ETERNAL Life . . . because . . .

“Anything less than immortality,

is a complete waste of time.”

As the futility of politics and “news” about it does not bring even one soul into Eternal Life, rather pushes more souls into death, I have decided to transition my Youtube channel’s “Conspiracy Corner News” into “End Times Radio”, with the debut episode below. As before, I will attempt to have one episode each week, released on Fridays, at about 1pm Eastern Time. With me, I introduce Bob Wilson, a devout Christian and servant of underprivileged children, who contacted me several months ago with a desire to conduct a few interviews about the JFK and RFK assassinations. As you will soon see, we did tackle these projects to start, yet also tried to bring into the discussion how such tragedies are merely symptomatic representatives of the greater battle between good and evil, right and wrong, God and sin.

Our desire and prayer is that through “End Times Radio” at least one soul will be motivated to repent of their sins and turn to God and that at least one wayward struggling Believer will be inspired to stay faithful to the end rather than giving up.

While our topics may still appear to be “conspiratorial” from time to time, especially at first with our coming interviews of well-established authors regarding the JFK and RFK assassinations, we hope to always bring to light the overriding thesis of a fallen world in need of a Savior.

Click HERE or on the window below to listen.

Brother Bart


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