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Election: Life against Death in the mind control machine of politics and media

By Jon Rappoport

When I first started writing about Donald Trump, I hammered on the fact that he was opposing the media and winning—and I said if he didn’t accomplish anything else along his swaggering path, that alone would be an unprecedented shocker. A major Presidential candidate putting the press in its place and not backing off.

I wrote that from 30 years of experience in the news business. So my perspective is deeper than average.

These execrable talking heads and print reporters of the mainstream are quite insane, you know—or they would be if they weren’t so sly. Their game is all about getting away with lying, with putting people’s attention on the wrong part of the story. They’re little demons who take delight in deceiving the public.

And THAT’S why they like the standard brand of political candidate. They all went to the same school. They all come from the same shit heap. They all wink and nudge and build the same fake sand castles and laugh about it. “Look, we fooled the idiots again.” The idiots, of course, being the public.

This is who the press is. Forget their pose of honesty. It’s a sham. They’re the tricksters. This is how they obtain their energy.


That’s the key.

Finding energy is central to the life of an individual. Any individual.

In countless articles and talks, I emphasize PURE IMAGINATION as the profound source OF ENERGY AND INSPIRATION and POWER.

For the denizens of the press, it’s deception. It’s the glee of falsification. Knowing they have an audience whose minds they can twist into pretzels.

Trump essentially came along and said, “You’re a pack of idiots and everybody knows it. I’m breaking the hypnotic spell.”

Love him, hate him—that’s what he did. He fired many torpedoes into their bellies.

The denizens of the press also hate life. They’ve hated it from a young age, when they somehow came to the conclusion that feeling and experiencing life was impossible for them. And by life I mean, once again, energy. THE ENERGY WITHIN. Cut off from that, they decided to ruin and deface life wherever they could find it. Cleverly. Secretly. Successfully. In REVENGE.

In all my writing, underneath the issues, this is what I’m talking about. The authentic power of an individual who can and does sense and feel and use and project THE ENERGY WITHIN.

THIS is a road to travel. This is a spiritual and physical and mental and emotional path. This is the opposite of mind control.

Let me give you a glimpse of the opposite path, highly favored by the press and politicians. This is a revealing quote from Wikipedia. Read the whole thing:

“Woodward and Bernstein’s exposé All the President’s Men reports that many staffers who had attended the University of Southern California such as Donald Segretti, Tim Elbourne, Ronald Louis Ziegler, H. R. Haldeman and Dwight Chapin had participated in the highly-competitive student elections there. UPI reporter Karlyn Barker sent Woodward and Bernstein a memo “Notes On the USC Crowd” that outlined the connection. Fraternities, sororities and underground fraternal coordinating organizations such as Theta Nu Epsilon and their splintered rival “Trojans for Representative Government” engaged in creative tricks and underhanded tactics to win student elections. Officially, control over minor funding and decision-making on campus life was at stake but the positions also gave bragging rights and prestige.”

Get it?

Now here is the fabulous capper to the Wikipedia quote:

“It [the dirty tricks and cheating] was either promoted by or garnered the interest of major political figures on the USC board of trustees such as Dean Rusk and John A. McCone. It was here that the term ratfucking had its origin.”

Ratfucking. For glee and fun and deception. And the prestigious adults on the USC board—John McCone (head of the CIA—covert ops and dirty tricks taken to a new level) and Dean Rusk (Secretary of State)—promoted, or were intensely interested in, ratfucking.

“Go get them, kids!”

“Cold? Cut off from life? Nowhere to go? Want revenge against the world and life itself? Join the guild of RATFUCKERS. We understand. We have branch offices all over the world. We are in the press and we are in politics. We are the best and the brightest. We make wars for no reason. We giggle and laugh at the dire pain we visit on the heads of others. Step up to the big leagues, kids. Gaze at the pictures of the men on our walls. Some of the most famous figures, present and past. And now you are the future…”

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