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A massive fire has engulfed the fifth tallest residential building in the United Arab Emirates, the 86-story Dubai Torch Tower – the same building which was also damaged in a major blaze in 2015 –  where social media footage showed flames spreading up much of building and burning debris falling down. According to BBC, civil defence officials have “successfully evacuated” the building and are now working to bring the fire under control.

Firefighting brigades from four stations have been sent to battle the flames at the Torch Tower, the fifth tallest residential building in the world.

It was not immediately clear what caused the blaze in one of the world’s tallest buildings.

The fire is believed to have started on the ninth floor before ascending towards the top stories: “It’s big fire started on 9th floor. Civil defence and police in the scene now to control the fire,” a Dubai police spokesperson told Gulf News.

Dubai’s Civil Defence Director General and Police Commander are at the scene coordinating the rescue efforts. “No injuries have been reported so far in the Torch Tower fire incident,” Dubai’s media office said in a latest tweet.

The 79-story skyscraper opened in 2011, and it was the world’s tallest residential building at its opening, but has since been surpassed by several others.

The Torch Tower is said to be the 32nd tallest building in the world, according to the Skyscraper Centre. It has 676 apartments.

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