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There is a lot of discussion about the failure of schools in America. But are they failing for the Globalist Elites, who designed them? It might seem contradictory, but the answer is a resounding NO. The public schools are succeeding fantastically in producing the students that the Globalists intended to produce.


The only contradiction lies in the difference between what parents and students expect, (or are falsely led to believe), are the goals of the educational system, and what the Globalist Elites have chosen to deliver. The two levels of expectation are totally different.

Rulers of any persuasion don’t want a truly educated population. It is important to remember that simple point. An educated population is a threat to the Elite. It is a threat to their ability to control the populace and their subsequent ability to remain in power. This has been true throughout history. The Greeks recognized it, as did the Romans. They only want a small portion of the populace to be truly educated, who would support the Elite, (the Rulers), and would assist in controlling the masses. The masses were only educated enough to be able to follow instructions from the Elite. They were indoctrinated to believe themselves incapable of running their own affairs and thus must follow the “wisdom” of the Elites, who knew better.

Since the days of Plato, (and probably before), it has been the dream of the Elites to create a Utopia, (ruled by the Elite), of an intelligent class guiding the masses into harmony. Harmony for whom? For the Elite, of course. The masses would have no say and would merely be the “producers” dedicated to their tasks, while the Elite lived in luxury. This Utopia is not unique to any one time, but has appeared in slightly various forms throughout ancient and modern history. Today it comes to us as the New World Order, or Globalism. Common to all the versions is the rule of the intelligent Elite “serving” the masses.

The Elite have no love for the masses. This has been shown throughout history. They disdain the masses, and consider themselves above them. They then “dedicate their lives to public service”, while reaping vast rewards and honors, naturally.

Who is capable of managing their own lives, and creating a fellowship of cooperation with their neighbors, thus living peaceful productive lives with family and neighbors? Everyone, but the Elite will have us believe only they have the wisdom to do so.

In the following video, which is 5 hours long, John Taylor Gatto discusses how people are schooled, both as they should be, and how they are at present. He gives examples throughout history, from writings by the educators who have guided the schools, who tell us what the purpose of schooling is. Having been an award winning teacher for almost 30 years himself, Mr. Gatto speaks from experience, but also from many years of research.

If you have children, or grandchildren, in public schools, you owe it to them, and yourself, to find out what the purpose of present day schooling really is. You won’t be pleased.

Underground History Lesson With John Taylor Gatto

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