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The Deep State Globalist Swamp Creature has many tentacles. One of those tentacles has, for decades, reached into the heart of the educational system, and in the process has gained control of the minds of students from kindergarten through college. Through indoctrination, the Globalists have subverted the very nature of what it is to be educated. No longer is education about the free flow of knowledge, and the interaction of competing ideas and philosophies, where students are taught to discern between the rational and irrational. No, now it is a matter of indoctrination into the Globalist/Marxist ideology.

Public schools at all levels, guided by “experts”, who have a Globalist Utopian belief, have seized control of the minds of our children, in their quest for their Utopia. The school system is purposely dumbing down the students as a means of control, in order to further the Globalist ideology.

Why do we have a Federal Education Department? Does the Central Government have the best interest of your child in mind? Or do you? Can they understand the needs of your child better than you? No. A one-size fits all mentality, particularly in education, is a recipe for disaster. Most public schools are controlled by those who believe in the Globalist ideology, and now we have the “snowflakes”, who cannot handle opinions different than those they were taught in the Globalist thought factories masquerading as institutions of learning.

Public schools are nothing more than centers for thought control and mind manipulation. And it has not happened by accident. It has been planned for generations.

If you have never heard of the Prussian model of schooling, it is time you learned, as it is the model used in our public schools. John Taylor Gatto, who taught in public schools for 30 years, began to realize the purpose and history of public schooling in the US, and has been a voice of reason in crying out against them.

Below are three videos. One features John Taylor Gatto, and two feature Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta. All three videos speak of the education system in the US.

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